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Heavy Haul

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heavy haulOne of the specialized services some auto transport companies provide is Heavy Hauling. Not every car carrier deal with over-sized loads, and not ever auto shipping provider takes orders for this kind of shipping. Standards for heavy haul services are very high, and clients demand the highest quality of transport services. Special fleet and equipment are needed, as well as paperwork. So, when you look to ship a heavy-sized vehicle, you need to find a vehicle transport company that is ready to meet the highest expectations.


Heavy Hauling is not the easiest process and must be done by professionals. When you have a heavy, oversize or overload equipment for transport, choosing San Francisco Car Transport the right choice for you. We specialize in providing high-quality multi-dimensional and large capacity cargo transportation services nationwide.


Why Choose San Francisco Car Transport?

Because of the complicated logistics involved in specialized heavy haul shipping, you need to work with a company that has an experience handling this type of project. San Francisco Car Transport offers cargo transporting services involving any kind of equipment. We can even provide equipment such as cranes, pallet jacks, and lift gate equipment when necessary, ensuring that your cargo is safely loaded and unloaded from our flatbed trucks.


Insurance Coverage

heavy haulWhen you move your car, you want to be sure it is in safe hands. At San Francisco Car Transport, we and make everything we can to deliver your car securely. We want it to get back to you exactly as you handed it to us. We always make sure we take proper care of your vehicle. For that reason, we hire only the drivers who went through a serious screening. Also, our trucks are expected regularly. Our clients can rely on us. But still, no one ever knows what’s going to happen on the road. Because of that, when we pick up the vehicle, we carefully check it first. If we find any damages, we mark them. If there’s an accident while we ship your car, you don’t need to worry. San Francisco Car Transport offers 100% insurance on all vehicles we transport.


 Auto Transport’s Liability

San Francisco Car Transport has insurance of open transport with at least $1 million liability. The insurance of cargo starts from $ 100.000 to $ 1 million.




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