8 Trucker Marketing Tips

marketing tips

As a professional driver, it is important to market yourself in a way that attracts business. And, that starts with enhancing your value. Not only does a valued truck driver receive higher pay, but they are more likely to be hired by a trucking company and retained for years to come. Apart from this, a valued trucker understands that consistent work comes from being reliable, maintaining a clean record, staying current on regulations and advancing in education. So, here are 8 surefire marketing tips to make yourself more ‘marketable’ to trucking companies.

Tip #1: Choose the right school

It is essential that you start out on the right foot. While it can be difficult for rookies without experience to land a job right away, it is a lot more challenging to secure work if your CDL comes from a less-than-reputable institution. Hence, why you should find a respectable school that incorporates a lot of drive time. As well as one that helps with employment after graduation.

Tip #2: Get Endorsements

Furthermore, obtaining CDL endorsements can increase your annual income. And, if you can continue your education, the courses added to your resume will appeal to potential companies. Keep in mind that specialized training is typically rewarded with a higher salary.

Tip #3: Maintain a clean record

Moreover, no matter how educated, or how much experience you possess, having a bad driving record makes you a liability to your company. You will not be considered a valued truck driver with a series of accidents or load violations. Not to mention, this deems you a high risk to the company’s insurance provider.

Tip #4: Stay current on laws and technology

Undoubtedly, the truck industry is ever changing. With so many new updates and tracking software, it is important that you learn how to use this new technology. A driver that can adapt to new changes is more valuable to companies.

Tip #5: Communicate

To add to the list of marketing tips, fostering good relationships is amongst the top. Establishing a workable rapport with your dispatchers and company is an assured way to becoming a valued trucker.

Tip #6: Present a professional image

This goes without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway…maintain your hygiene! Nobody wants to be around an ungroomed trucker. Also, be respectful to fellow drivers, staff, and whomever you interact with daily. 

Tip #7: Recognize your worth

When you understand your value, you are more prone to pursue better paying jobs. Also, you are more likely to walk away from companies that treat you poorly. Self-respect goes a long way.

Tip #8: Be dependable

Finally, and self-explanatory, reliability and a willingness to learn speaks volumes to an employer. No one wants to work with a driver they can’t trust or depend on.

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