Audi Develops Electric Cars With Ken Block In A Shockingly Cool Deal


Audi is teaming up with Ken Block in order to change the way the industries’ outlook on the whole of electrification in racing.

Recently, Audi has been investing their energy into redeveloping the electric vehicle portfolio they possess. This is just another step in the race against the other carmakers. Ken Block has made it known that his association with Ford has recently been easy to extinguish. According to Block, “Audi is the brand that ignited my passion for motorsport… Together, we will develop innovative projects and push the boundaries of electric mobility.”

Audi HQ received a visit from Ken Block recently.

And in that visit, the Audi Sport Quattro S1, as well as the Audi E-Tron Vision Gran Turismo, were on full display. Ken Block has the capacity to move electric cars fast and far. Audi nor Ken Block have been specific about their plans regarding the projects but to be fair, the Head Hoonigan is citing the union as a “game changer.” Audi Sport managing director Julius Seebach has made it known that “With Ken Block, we’ve got exciting things in store that go perfectly with our strategy.” For Ken Block, they’re the obvious choice. He references his kids as a real inspiration for his decision to synchronize with Audi. Especially when it comes to family ties. “They think that the sound of electric cars is just as cool as the sound of internal combustion.”

Some critics on the Internet are torn. They enjoy that Ken Block is involving himself, similar to the Gymkhana series from years before. Whereas some individuals view this as unnecessary. After all, why speed up the odometer when the charging time remains slow and sluggish when using an electric car. Nonetheless, he’s an insider looking out for a car company, much like he can provide the car company some clarity. Then again, the carmaker may very well have paid the most for his flexibility.

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