COVID-19 Driving Rules


COVID-19 has affected large parts of the country, impacting people’s driving plans. With places like New York City and Los Angeles under strict quarantine enforcement, many are not traveling. Empty streets and highway across the US are susceptible to poor driving practices. Many often view this as the perfect time to take their suped-up sports car out for a test drive. Despite the limited amount of cars currently on the road, the dangers of reckless driving are still whole-heartedly prevalent.

Unnecessary Speeding

One of the largest issues facing the COVID-19 self-isolation period is speeding. With multiple-lane city highways now open, many are finding an opportune moment to gun it home. This has still lead to multiple car accidents. This also not only takes police away from handling the current crisis, but also if something serious comes from a crash i.e. a life-threatening injury, or injury, then a medical professional is now taken away from his position of helping those suffering. The goal is to limit the overextension of resources that can be used for people who aren’t being reckless and are in need of serious help. 

Double Parking In Populated Areas

The issue with highly populated areas is double parking. Many large cities have relaxed on the restrictions of parking to better accommodate everyone living at home. This also ensures that people need to leave their home as little as possible. The issue is that many are assuming that cars will not be moving for a while and will double park for extended periods of time. This has worked to create issues in case of emergencies. First responders, as well as paramedics, are finding that certain areas that are designated for emergency use are being blocked. The same goes for residents in apartment buildings. If an emergency were to occur, and a resident must receive medical help or go see a doctor, they are finding they are unable to due to being double-parked. In order to prevent these issues from happening, the cities have done away with many parking restrictions.

COVID-19 Means Staying Home and Not Driving

One of the most important things to maintain during this time is social distancing. Unesseary trips out increase the risk of contracting and spreading the current pandemic. It is imperative that trips out of the home are for essential purposes only. Getting gas, food, prescriptions, and work are the main reasons why someone should leave their home at this time. Staying home and being safe is the best way to fight against this issue in order for everything to bounce-back to normal.

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