Drako Motors Has A Holy Roller! Check Out Their GTE Supercar

Drako Motors

California-based EV startup Drako Motors updated us on its test program. This update ahead of the start of deliveries of its Drako GTE electric supercar.

The company’s first vehicle, the Drako GTE, doesn’t do much to accelerate EV adoption with a $1.2 million sticker price. However, it’s still an interesting vehicle due to having the first quad-motor electric powertrain.

Critics have been extremely impressed with the cornering power of the machine.

The Drako GTE has a 90 kWh battery pack, 150 kW fast-charging capacity, and four electric motors. Each wheel has its own motor! Their power range is +225 kW to -225 kW.

It enables some pretty insane torque vectoring that makes the car feel like an agile railgun on the track.

Obviously, it would also translate to some great performance on snowy and icy surfaces, but people who buy $1 million supercars generally don’t use them in those conditions.

Drako Motors Shows Off

That’s OK, because Drako decided to winter test the Drako GTE at Winter Performance Track in Steamboat Springs, Colorado:

“To demonstrate the GTE’s capabilities ahead of the first customer deliveries this year, we handed the car off to racing driver Andy Pilgrim and let him loose on the Winter Performance Track, sitting above 6,700’ elevation in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Pilgrim powers the GTE through deep, rutted snow, connecting corners with high-speed, tail-out slides that belie its ease of control.”

“Watch the front wheels as Pilgrim enters and maintains each slide, paying special attention to how few corrections he makes, and how little steering angle is needed to rotate the car. Pilgrim is able to guide the steering wheel with his fingertips thanks to the GTE’s lightning-quick responses to driver input and traction conditions. Notice, too, how well the car rides over the deeply marred surface despite Pilgrim’s merciless pace, with no perceptible roll and very little pitch or heave, the suspension expertly soaking up the terrain whether sliding into and through a corner or sending four plumes of snow skyward on its way out.”

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