Everything You Need to Know About Shocks

If you want to get into the trucking industry, you’re going to need to know all about the mechanics of a truck. Specifically, you’ll need to be able to identify important aspects of the vehicle. Moreover, this will help you learn how to maintain the vehicle so it keeps running. Also, you’ll be better equipped to make repairs or upgrades when necessary. Today, you can start the learning process by reading further for a quick breakdown on shocks.

Heavy Duty Shocks

You may not think much about shocks, but they are very important when it comes to hauling cargo in large trucks. As it turns out, shocks are crucial to supporting large trucks as they haul heavy loads of cargo, day in and day out.

Essentially, shocks help to support the truck’s suspension system. Specifically, they do this by managing the movement of the springs. Clearly, these are more than just the springs. They’re a very important part of any truck’s mechanical body.

When a large truck drives over long stretches of road for days on end, the this can create wear and tear on the vehicle. Fortunately, the shocks can help the truck stay flexible on the roads to prevent damage. This is especially important in areas of rough terrain and twisty and winding roads.

More Details

Shock absorbers contain a piston and hydraulic fluid. When an impact, such as rough terrain hitting the tires, occurs, the shocks are engaged, meaning they compress. Then, the force of the piston is absorbed by the hydraulic fluid colliding into the piston. Essentially, this process absorbs impacts and prevents the truck from bouncing or moving erratically.

Therefore, shocks are incredibly important. A well-maintained shock system ensures a truck is easier to drive. Additionally, this reduces driver fatigue behind the wheel as well.

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