Hills: How To Destroy Your Engine in SF


San Fransisco has notoriously steep hills. Some of the steepest hills for driving in America, to be exact. There is a multitude of issues that can come from driving through San Fransisco hills and many residents pay their dues.

Hills Hurt Your Suspension

If you are a resident and you live on a hill, you’re putting a lot of stress on your suspension. Parking sideways on a 6% grade hill and leaving it there will wear down the suspension system. So much so, that your car might end up lop-sided. A true tip would be to alternate how your car sites. On one day, park your car nose first, and on the next, back in. this will create even wear and save yourself time and money.

A Good Way To Wear Down Your Brakes

When going down, you have to keep your foot on the brakes at all times. Even driving in a lower gear is going to require consistent braking. Purchasing higher-end brake pads are typically the way most San Fransisco residents manage. Although they are more expensive, you’ll be paying more, even in the short run, if you purchase lower quality and cheaper brake pads. Chances are, that if you live in SF, you can afford the higher quality pads anyways.

Transmission Failures

Imagine going up a hill and your RPM’s read 7000, but your miles per hour gauge says 4. If this is the case, then get ready for engine failure. If you’re going uphill, then that makes things worse. Imagine climbing Mount Everest only to find that Kilimanjaro is just after the next ridge. Car transmissions can handle low-gear acceleration, but only so much. If you are consistently driving uphill then perhaps walking or taking the trolly might be the best option to get around. If you arent careful, something is going to blow, and that can cost you more than you think.

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