Honda Debuts A Brand New Brand For EVs Called “e:N.”


Honda is planning on debuting a brand new lineup of cars so advanced, they decided to bring in a whole new electric vehicle brand. The e:N brand is essentially the best type of option you can get for the satisfaction of the ecologically-minded in you. So let’s look at what the models are that Honda — er. I mean, “e:N” — is offering.

Firstly, they have the e:NS1 to show you.

And this vehicle is certainly wonderful with a vibrant yellow and black body. The shape of it in the front is blocky with skinny headlights.

Secondly, the auto company has the e:NP1 gives off a crossover appearance with looks similar to the Honda SUV E:Prototype from 2021. The headlights flow through the front end.

Thirdly, e:N has another trio of vehicles under the e:N Coupe Concept. Furthermore, there’s an e:N SUV Concept is also an amazing option offered up through Honda and their e:N brand. Not to mention with e:N GT Concept. There’s also a design language that makes this vehicle look nothing like the current models.

The car maker is going to dispel about ten models in the e:N lineup. These are going to be specific from dealers in Chin. Honda can’t say too much information about the e:N models’ powertrain. They’re all on a shared platform. Such an electric vehicle is going to experience proper technology, much like the Honda Sensing and the Honda Connect tech with a digital cockpit. The people behind e:N plan to get all these models for sale in China after 2030, most likely.

This company has a great idea of making hybrids and full EVs. They’re is pretty capable of creating major sales. So to say that they know what they’re doing is pretty darn obvious. Honda and their e:N brand will do the world favors again and again. It’s all simply wonderful.

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