Kia Niro Hybrid Price Submerges Underneath $28,000


If you don’t already know, the Kia Niro is going to introduce new style and great growth in the second generation. The 2023 Niro has more cabin space for passengers while also dumping about $1800 more upon the beginning price, in comparison to other model years, which retain the base of $27,785. Kia has also been able to successfully make the lineup much simpler.

Such as in the base model LX, the midrange EX, and the Range-topper SX. That one does surpass at about $33,785. Additionally, you can tell that an optional Touring trim comes with the packaging as well. The price isn’t quite yet so easily announced but it’s coming.

As far as the Kia Niro goes, it’s a little bigger and only just a lot more expensive.

Meanwhile, the wheelbase is an inch longer with the body being about 2.5 inches longer overall. The cargo capacity, itself, went up from 100.9 to about 105.1 in cubic feet. There’s also about 2.4 inches more of rear legroom. Plus, the base version of the last Niro had not much in the way of standard driver-assist technology.

You can tell that because of how every trim level standard forward collision detection could also be paired with rear-cross traffic warning systems and blind-spot monitoring.

In spite of higher prices the 2023 Niro has carried on mechanical developments from the past generation. This is the case because it comes with front-wheel-drive while only producing 139 horsepower via the 1.6-liter inline-four engine, paired neatly in itself with a 43-horsepower electric motor.

What else is exciting about the Niro is that its EPA combined fuel economy is rated at 53 miles per gallon. On average, the 2022 can at least go through 75 mph with 46 miles per gallon.

The price range for the plug-in hybrid and totally electric versions of the 2023 Niro that haven’t been seen yet. There’ll likely be a version of them soon, as they will cost premium beyond the standard hybrid trim.

The Kia Niro comes with an additional 3 miles per gallon over the 2022 model. The interior is quite on the basic level with some new design cues and fresh curves. Cargo space is likely to be better than the 12-volt battery which was relocated.

There are fans of exterior design with some small improvements in fuel economy, large size and very nice style with a slightly higher price tag. There are great cars like this Kia Niro Hybrid but only one Kia Niro Hybrid.

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