Nissan EV: First Look At The Latest Heavy-Duty Competitor

Nissan EV

Nissan is huge on developing electric vehicles for the industry. So much so, the creators of the Leaf are decidedly partnering up with a startup for it’s next shocker. Is the shocker a truck? Otherwise known as Nissan EV. But does it need to be with a startup that they continue moving forward?

Who is the startup Nissan EV will be looking at to help?

Hercules is the name and battery-electric powertrains are their game. The company was founded by former employees at GM and Fiat Chrysler. It may seem unorthodox that a major OEM is taking up some confidence with a startup. But it’s actually quite common. Or did you not see Porsche and Rimac kiss in the hallway?!

The best thing to say about Nissan EV and the productivity that they’re making is that Carlos Ghosn, a major auto industry executive, may have helped them out a bit.

Who’s Carlos Ghosn?

A man on the run who has narrowly evaded the law, Nissan’s former chairman believed in the EV revolution before anyone knew what it was.

He would go on to believe in 2011, that by 2020, all electric cars currently on the streets would account for 10% of the roadworthy vehicles you see today. Sadly, while it is en-route, the EV revolution has only gotten to 1 – 2% thus far.

Ghosn himself wanted Nissan to partner with Mitsubishi and Renault to unify as one to conquer what he thought would be massive for any model in the Nissan EV line. The union so far has so far created the Nissan Leaf, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV and the Renault Zoe. The big issue as of a result has been facing newcomers like Tesla. That company? Hah. They’ve primed themselves as the luxury cars to have in your possession. Eight new models are planned by the Nissan-Mitsubishi-Renault to be released by 2022. But will they release a new lease on life?

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