Open or Enclosed, That is the Question

When you plan to move soon, it is incredibly important to always remember to have a plan in place for how you will move your vehicles too. That is where our team is ready to step up to the plate! We are here to help you make the decision with how you will go about your auto transportation journey so that you select the service that is best for you and your vehicle! You first are faced with the tough decision of whether or not you want to have an open auto transportation service or a closed auto transportation service.

With our open-air transportation, you can have several vehicles shipped together!

Open air auto transportation is the best way to go about having several cars shipped together. That means if you are a family who has several drivers who each have their own car, this method is likely the one for you! Because of the shipping system consisting of a truck and trailer that often carries as many as eight vehicles, you can have all of your cars arrive at your new house at the same time. The trailer that carries the vehicles is one that has no sides, so it is just some metal bars creating a frame for the trailer. With this said, there is still a lot of protection that comes with this form of shipping. We take pride in our drivers abilities to endlessly protect all cars when they are in their hands.

If you do not want your cars exposed to open air and other natural elements, we also have a solution for you!

Our enclosed auto transportation service is a form of auto shipping that is more exclusive and luxurious. It is most often used when shipping sports cars, vintage vehicles, and other luxury vehicles. This shipping involves a truck and a trailer that is fully enclosed with four sides around. It essentially is a small room that carries your car around from place to place! With this form of shipping, it is most common for only one vehicle to be shipped at a time. This means that if you own multiple cars, you will have to have them all shipped separately.

Ultimately which form of shipping you choose is up to you and what you prioritize for your shipping. In any form, when you ship with us, you ship in the safest hands around!

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