Proactive Fleet Management

fleet management

Fleet management is a demanding job but rewarding at the same time. Especially, if your fleet is operating at the optimum level. However, managers with productive fleets possess a few traits that contribute to the overall success of their business.


Fleet managers who set goals are leaders in the industry. From financial objectives, including marketing and purchases, to operational goals involving fuel management and maintenance. In order to be a proactive fleet manager, you must also set goals in other areas as well. Additionally, setting goals for safety, driver productivity, accident prevention, and the likes. In doing so, an effective fleet manager will improve the corporate mission and company culture.

Focus on the People

Moreover, successful fleet managers recognize the importance of their drivers, too. Not to mention, they also establish good, working relationships with everyone connected to the operation. Furthermore, fleet managers should have a solid understanding of the industry, therefore a supportive understanding for what drivers face. Additionally, good fleet management comes from having excellent communication, not only with drivers, but with senior managers, suppliers, and anyone who has a hand in the business. Also, they keep senior management up to date on fleet performance, budgets, new products, and programs.

Surpassing Day-to-Day Fleet Management

In addition to focusing on the people, successful fleet managers excel beyond day-to-day tasks. This means that an exceptional fleet manager will implement new policies and procedures, consequently impacting the company overall. Excellent fleet management can also save the company millions of dollars whether it be through supplies or implementing the right cost-effective solutions.

In brief, fleet managers must be goal-oriented. However, it is also important to select your goals wisely. In addition to building relationships, exceeding beyond what’s expected will undoubtably harvest success.

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