The Raiders Might Be Moving…

Raiders move to San Francisco

The Raiders face their last season in California and have been considering San Francisco’s AT&T Park as their last destination.

The fans of the Raiders don’t approve of the team playing their last season in San Francisco. Those who love and support the Raiders as an Oakland team are disappointed that the team is leaving to begin with; although these fans are further outraged by the idea that they might be playing their last season somewhere else.

San Francisco’s Supervisor, Elect Haney, doesn’t think the Giants should open their ballpark gates to the team. Oakland is San Francisco’s neighboring city and the last thing they want is to upset them. The two are already battling as a travel destination.Haney believes that San Francisco would disturb negotiations if they were to get in the middle of the deal.  When the 49ers were stolen by a neighboring city, the fans of the great San Francisco team didn’t appreciate it.

Haney, along with other citizens, caution the Giants on their big decision.

Those who are for the change, state that the Raiders did play in San Francisco in the 1960 to 1961 season.

There are no legal ramifications if the Raiders decide to play their last season at San Francisco’s Coliseum.  Oakland’s city anti-trust lawsuit for breach of contract with the NFL isn’t related to their location of their 2019 season.

Sports aren’t only business, they’re about fans and American nostalgia. The community doesn’t want the Giants, or the Raiders, to forget that. Therefore, people have been establishing their uproar on social media.

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