Selling Your Car: How to Prepare for Sale

Selling your car on your own can be an intimidating experience. There are many steps that you have to take to make sure your car is in the best condition it can be in. But what steps really matter for the sale of a car? Here is our list of the most important steps to take to turn your car into an attractive purchase.

Take it in for maintenance

The best way to make sure your car gets sold for a reasonable price is to keep it in good working order. Once you own a car, you become more willing to tolerate small mechanical issues that don’t affect your drive. However, buyers won’t have that same tolerance. So, taking it in for extensive maintenance is a must to make selling your car go smoothly. At the very least, you should top off any fluids and make sure your fuses aren’t burned out.

Clean your car inside and out

Nobody wants to drive around in someone else’s mess. Even if you keep your car relatively clean, it could still use a nice, deep clean to make it look nicer to potential buyers. This might be the time to take it to a hand wash facility to let the professionals do what they do best and leave your car looking shiny and new. After all, the same rule as above applies here: what’s good enough for you, the car’s everyday user, won’t be good enough for a buyer.

Take quality pictures

If you want to get the best offer on your car, taking good pictures is incredibly important. The vast majority of people buying used cars from others will be searching online to find the right car, and the best means of comparing their options is via how they look in pictures. If your car looks good, people will think that it is good. So make sure to take well-lit pictures after you get the car washed so it looks as good as new!

Once you find the right buyer, the next step is getting the car to them. If they live nearby, it will be easy for them to come pick it up and drive it home. If they live a long distance away, you might want to shipping it with San Francisco Car Transport.

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