Specialty Vehicle Moving Services: How We Haul All Vehicles

specialty vehicle

At San Francisco Car Transport, we’re happy to ship any vehicle you need us to. Our team doesn’t fret about the shape or size of your vehicle; we have a plan to handle anything you throw at us! Of course, we have no problem shipping your standard four-door, but there’s so much more we can do. Here’s how we handle specialty vehicle shipping for our customers:

Motorcycles are no problem for us.

Shipping a motorcycle comes with unique challenges. After all, we can’t just roll it onto one of our car carriers like we would with a normal vehicle. It wouldn’t be secure! So, we take special precautions when our customers ask us to ship a motorcycle for them. We’ll make sure we get the proper equipment (usually a flatbed or enclosed trailer) and secure your bike properly. Small vehicles like these can give lesser car shippers trouble, but not us!

Got a huge bus? We can handle that, too!

Something else that sets our team apart from others is our ability to handle very large vehicles. Oversize shipping is not an issue for us at all. We’ve hauled some extremely large vehicles, from pieces of military equipment to entire buses, without issue. For these vehicles, we’ll make sure to get the right kind of oversize permits so we can haul the vehicle safely and legally. We’ll also make sure to plan our route so that we won’t encounter any danger along the way. Oversize vehicles require a professional touch, and you get that from us.

Our services extend to every specialty vehicle, including boats.

The best thing about working with us is that we love to rise to a challenge. No matter what vehicle you need to give to our team, we’ll be sure to give it the treatment it deserves. Even vehicles like boats, which can’t roll up onto a trailer, are no problem for us. So, when you trust the excellent team at San Francisco Car Transport, you’ll know that your vehicle is in good hands!

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