The Top Restaurant in the US: San Francisco’s Angler

Are you looking for the new “it” restaurant to dine at in San Francisco? Angler just nabbed the number one spot of Esquire’s Best New Restaurants list.

Angler, which made its appearance last September, is a glamorous seafood restaurant located along the Embarcadero waterfront. Joshua Skenes, the chef of Angler, has already proved himself as top-quality with his other work. Chef Skenes’ expensive restaurant, Saison, has three Michelin stars and 10-course tasting menu.  This proves that Skenes is clearly of the caliber to lead Angler to take the top spot as best new restaurant.

Saison is one of the most expensive restaurants in the nation. Angler is a bit different than the high-cost Saison. The intention was for Angler to be a sequel of sorts, following the pricey Saison. Because of this, it is more accessible to a wider range of guests. Angler has cheaper plates than Saison (ranging from $12 to $28 for smaller plates, and $20 to $48 for main dishes), but still delicious food. Skenes builds Angler’s menu around the food that is currently fresh and accessible – which changes often. The restaurant space itself holds over 100 seats across two different dining rooms, along with lounge and bar areas.

Of course, people have been flocking to SF for the food choices for years. However, this year is a good one for SF foodies. The city is host to a whole lot of top-quality restaurants. There were two other noteworthy restaurants that made the Esquire list as well. Bar Crenn – run by Chef Dominique Crenn – ranked twelfth on Esquire’s list. Then, there was Che Fico, Chef David Nayfeld’s classy Italian restaurant, which tied for the seventeenth spot on the list.

Despite what type of food you’re craving or what you’re looking for when it comes to food, it is clear that there are top quality choices in San Francisco. What’s your favorite restaurant in SF? If you find yourself in the mood for some seafood, it looks like Angler is the new place to be!

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