Thinking About Replacing Your Truck Parts?

truck parts

Making sure your truck parts are in good working condition is key to a successful haul. Hours on the road is sure to cause wear and tear along the way. While we tend to focus on the bigger parts, we often lose sight of the smaller ones that are equally important. For instance, shocks are a critical component to your truck’s longevity. But, what do they do?

The function of shocks is to help your truck’s suspension by regulating the movement of the springs. Additionally, the piston and hydraulic fluid rests inside the shock absorber. The piston will collide with the hydraulic fluid and absorb the force of the piston upon impact. Therefore, preventing the truck from bouncing all around. Furthermore, shocks allow for a better handle, steering, and control of your vehicle.

Additionally, shocks will prevent hyperextension of air springs, minimize uneven tire wear, and lessen the damage to your cab and chassis.

So, When Should I Replace My Truck Parts?

There are a couple of warning signs that you should heed to, such as:

  • Imbalanced Tire Wear – If you notice a significant amount of balding or tearing on one side of your tires, then this is a good indicator that your shocks are no longer balancing the weight of the truck as it should.
  • Shock Leak – Furthermore, excessive fluid around your shocks mean that they are worn out. While it is okay to have a thin layer of oil, or misting around the shock, too much is a cause for replacement.
  • Deterioration – Moreover, if your shocks have suffered damage from driving through various terrains, then you should get it inspected. However, if it is broken, then you should certainly replace it. Failing to do so could lead to worse, and more costly complications down the line.
  • Leaf Spring Replacement – Lastly, when it’s time to replace the leaf springs, it’s also recommended that you replace the shock absorbers as well.

What are other indicators that it’s time for a replacement? Comment below.

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