Toyota Prius Is In It’s Prime With The 2023 Model Year

Toyota Prius

Toyota is often the purveyor of electric vehicle innovations. It’s obvious from their track-record of seeing about dozens of electric vehicles exist on the wider scale. Certainly, it’s existent in the Prius which is all to familiar to anyone and everyone involved.

So what’s new this time around?

The Prius Prime is going to operate off of electricity as is, for what is looking like an EPA-estimated 44 miles within the base SE. However, it drops to 39 miles on other trims, which is about the double of the old model’s range, that can only require four hours to be on a Level 2 charger that had therefore topped off the battery. This is the functioning mode in regular hybrid mode, while the Prime has returned for an EPA-estimated 53 mpg that would be combined for the base level SE and 50 mpg that would be combined for XSE and XSE Premium variants.

Look at the trim up top that would allow you to add a solar roof that can feed up 185 watts for the battery or the 12-volt electrical system.

It’s likely that each would be able to drive with e-propulsion, as the engine has been activated while moving smoothly and with no interrupting noise.

The Prime has a more enjoyable kick to it, as it’s all thanks to the TNGA-C Chassis that it sits on. This is also interesting in regards to the suspension tuning. All while the movement is smooth enough to keep you comforted as you drive. There’s strong enough framing that allows for the interior to keep you still in between the A-Pillars.

In regards to the infotainment, there’s an incredible improvement. The tall-portrait display and zero-buttons was not quite working out in a way that benefitted the audience. There had been a 8.0-inch touchscreen that took it’s place with the latest and greatest in appropriate size. 12.3 inches for higher trims are available. The Prius Prime also operates upon the Toyota Audio Multimedia infotainment system that showcases the wide improvement as an overbearing reach for all you can control the car with. Of course, there’s wireless smartphone mirroring and six-standard USB-C ports.

So that’s all to say the Toyota Prius Prime is truly the prime example of how electric vehicles can evolve! And if that’s the case, you really can’t go wrong into looking into buying the 2023 model year version of this classic EV. Price tags look like $33,445 at the base and $40,265 as the most expensive.

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