Vaccination Nation! The Shipments Begin As Shippers Roll Out

Trucks like those from UPS, Inc., FedEx Corp., and even the smaller player that is Boyle Transportation are looking to ship out the Pfizer vaccine. Like, now. It’s heading all over the United States in hopes that health care workers and nursing home caretakers can be among the first to receive the supposed cure. In the form of a vaccination.

3 million doses are supposed to arrive at distribution centers all around the world. 94 degrees below zero is how they’re being stored. They will be utilizing dry ice and GPS-sensors. The sensors especially to track how each shipment of the vaccination is safe and colder than Antarctica itself.

This certainly is a nation with vaccination fever.

But the shipping companies are totally eating it up.

You almost wonder what a world would be like without the vaccines. But more importantly, how soon are the truck drivers / plane flyers / boat captaineers getting the vaccination themselves?

God forbid there’s some sort of oversight where the vaccination is left vulnerable to infection. Could that and would that cause a whole slew of new problems? Who really knows? There has to be a better way of keeping things safe than just below sub-zero canisters. But maybe they have already thought of all the outcomes and have therefore avoided them ten-fold. It should be interesting to see how this all plays out.

And then there are those party-poopers who believe the vaccination was rushed out… Well, here’s the thing. You can’t so easily deny yourself the opportunity to branch into trying new things. And you also have to be healthy enough to trust yourself and your immune system.

Just look at truck drivers. They’re usually very fearless because these truck drivers have gone to Hell and back, yet still display positive personality traits. So if you can trust yourself to handle the heavy, maybe the immune system in you is ready.

For a change.

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