Watch Out! How To Steer Clear Of Low Clearance Bridges

low clearance

It happens to everyone. Everyone, that is, who drives a truck. When dealing with low clearance one has to face as a trucker, there’s a certain level of danger that you have to accept overcoming. It’s a matter of principle. You can’t be scared of every bridge you go under. That’s how the trolls end up winning, as a result.

Willem Hebbe | October 11th, 2016

Still, there’s got to be a smarter way of avoiding a destructive turn-of-events much like these ones. It’s the job of a trucker, after all, to see to it that the items shipped reach their final destination safely.

Here are some tips on how to make that happen with low clearance in consideration.

Map your route free of low clearance areas

You know where you’re going. Why not alter the route a little bit? Just to be on the safe side. God forbid it’s fourth of July and you scrape the top of the truck off to let loose a horde of fireworks.

Measure your truck’s trailer

Lest you’re looking to lose a couple pounds off the top, the trailer is not in dire need of having a haircut. So don’t give it one. Just find a friend, measure the height and get it taken care of so that you can avoid any close calls.

Get yourself a Trucker’s Atlas

By clenching your Trucker hands on a Trucker’s atlas, not only do you cement your foundation as the brooding lone wolf who drives a mean truck and an even more convincing summary of Dickens’ classics, you also are likely to be respected as the “low clearance bounty hunter.” That means you hunt them and you kill those low clearance areas by totally giving them the cold shoulder.

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