Specialty Vehicle Moving Services: How We Haul All Vehicles

Specialty Vehicle Moving Services: How We Haul All Vehicles

At San Francisco Car Transport, we’re happy to ship any vehicle you need us to. Our team doesn’t fret about the shape or size of your vehicle; we have a plan to handle anything you throw at us! Of course, we have no problem shipping your standard four-door, but there’s so much more we can do. Here’s how we handle specialty vehicle shipping for our customers:

Motorcycles are no problem for us.

Shipping a motorcycle comes with unique challenges. After all, we can’t just roll it onto one of our car carriers like we would with a normal vehicle. It wouldn’t be secure! So, we take special precautions when our customers ask us to ship a motorcycle for them. We’ll make sure we get the proper equipment (usually a flatbed or enclosed trailer) and secure your bike properly. Small vehicles like these can give lesser car shippers trouble, but not us!

Got a huge bus? We can handle that, too!

Something else that sets our team apart from others is our ability to handle very large vehicles. Oversize shipping is not an issue for us at all. We’ve hauled some extremely large vehicles, from pieces of military equipment to entire buses, without issue. For these vehicles, we’ll make sure to get the right kind of oversize permits so we can haul the vehicle safely and legally. We’ll also make sure to plan our route so that we won’t encounter any danger along the way. Oversize vehicles require a professional touch, and you get that from us.

Our services extend to every specialty vehicle, including boats.

The best thing about working with us is that we love to rise to a challenge. No matter what vehicle you need to give to our team, we’ll be sure to give it the treatment it deserves. Even vehicles like boats, which can’t roll up onto a trailer, are no problem for us. So, when you trust the excellent team at San Francisco Car Transport, you’ll know that your vehicle is in good hands!

Volkswagen R Cars Are Going To Appear Shockingly Different

Volkswagen R Cars Are Going To Appear Shockingly Different

Volkswagen is going to totally revamp their R line. All because the executives from Volkswagen are going to focus up on the brightest EV future that can come from the sporty division. VW is looking to see their whole performance R sub brand electrified by 2030. This is all because there are visible changes that are coming soon to interact with VW executives. Through all of them, there’s a requirement for the new EV platform and software updates alike. After all, VW is deciding to sell their EV models for underneath the range of $25,000. All with the potential that there would be some halo cars in the R sub brand.

The electricity of high-performance models are always so rewarding. But with the new future inviting brand-new editions of the Golf and even a battery-powered Beetle. The future of Volkswagen R is a spark to follow as the R will represent sustainability in high-performance products. In which case, there would be fully-integrated energy for emotional, digital, brand-centric and balanced potential.

Within two decades, vehicles from the Volkswagen R line had shared similarities with stimulating trim packs and high-performance models. However, the reworking of the 2018 ID.R electric racer had been totally taken on as potential. The mid-engine roadster back then was well-known as the VW Mimo. In itself, it was in direct competition by Audi and Porsche in conjunction with each other. Additionally, the ID. R Buggy originally built by Karmann had in itself turned out to be misleading.

The Volkswagen R didn’t quite possess the energy to compete against the Audi Sport, BMW M and the Mercedes-AMG.

All in all, the Golf R had been high-ranking for the all-time greats. What’s known so far is how the Touareg, the Tiguan and the T-Roc will all be discontinued from being sold in Europe. All because the R vesions will be further encouraged within next-generation models. Meanwhile, the ID.R proposals are almost too good to be true.

The 2025 Trinity R is encouraged as Volkswagen’s latest re-engineered zero-emission flagship model. Plus, the 2026 ID.R CUV is known as a replacement for the Teramont/Tourareg/Atlas Cross Sport. Plus, the 2027 ID.R SUV shows itself off as Volkswagen’s entry for zero-emission full-size five- and seven-seater global SUVs.

Volkswagen is truly the forefront forerunner that knows how to make sure that electric vehicles are treated in the R line. This is a very necessary circumstance for the EV revolution.

Kia Niro Hybrid Price Submerges Underneath $28,000

Kia Niro Hybrid Price Submerges Underneath $28,000

If you don’t already know, the Kia Niro is going to introduce new style and great growth in the second generation. The 2023 Niro has more cabin space for passengers while also dumping about $1800 more upon the beginning price, in comparison to other model years, which retain the base of $27,785. Kia has also been able to successfully make the lineup much simpler.

Such as in the base model LX, the midrange EX, and the Range-topper SX. That one does surpass at about $33,785. Additionally, you can tell that an optional Touring trim comes with the packaging as well. The price isn’t quite yet so easily announced but it’s coming.

As far as the Kia Niro goes, it’s a little bigger and only just a lot more expensive.

Meanwhile, the wheelbase is an inch longer with the body being about 2.5 inches longer overall. The cargo capacity, itself, went up from 100.9 to about 105.1 in cubic feet. There’s also about 2.4 inches more of rear legroom. Plus, the base version of the last Niro had not much in the way of standard driver-assist technology.

You can tell that because of how every trim level standard forward collision detection could also be paired with rear-cross traffic warning systems and blind-spot monitoring.

In spite of higher prices the 2023 Niro has carried on mechanical developments from the past generation. This is the case because it comes with front-wheel-drive while only producing 139 horsepower via the 1.6-liter inline-four engine, paired neatly in itself with a 43-horsepower electric motor.

What else is exciting about the Niro is that its EPA combined fuel economy is rated at 53 miles per gallon. On average, the 2022 can at least go through 75 mph with 46 miles per gallon.

The price range for the plug-in hybrid and totally electric versions of the 2023 Niro that haven’t been seen yet. There’ll likely be a version of them soon, as they will cost premium beyond the standard hybrid trim.

The Kia Niro comes with an additional 3 miles per gallon over the 2022 model. The interior is quite on the basic level with some new design cues and fresh curves. Cargo space is likely to be better than the 12-volt battery which was relocated.

There are fans of exterior design with some small improvements in fuel economy, large size and very nice style with a slightly higher price tag. There are great cars like this Kia Niro Hybrid but only one Kia Niro Hybrid.

Shelby Mustang GT500 Unleashes 1300-Horsepower

Shelby Mustang GT500 Unleashes 1300-Horsepower

Shelby American did the unthinkable. They unveiled the GT500 Code Red over at the Woodward Dream Cruise. And this limited production model is centered around the current-generation of Mustang as inspiration. Essentially, Shelby made perfection out of a masterpiece. They took out the supercharger away from the V-8’s 5.2-liter while in turn replacing it with a pair of turbochargers.

So what are the specs?

Notice that the engine had been re-engineered by Nelson’s Racing Engines. And in itself, it was fitted with a dual-feed fuel system. This therefore allows for blends of racing fuels to be utilized. Of course, the engines cooling capacity had been increased in order to handle the extra heat. As you would drive the Code Red, while utilizing 93-octane gas straight from the pump. It’s capable enough to produce about 1,000 horsepower and 780 pound-feet of torque. Code Red is using the E85 to create as much as 1,300 horsepower with torques moving towards 1,000 pound-feet.

Upon the numerous performance upgrades, the Code Red will come with widebody kit for bigger tires. The Shelby also comes with a new interior and new badging and a carbon-fiber hood.

Regarding the overall performance of the Code Red, Shelby American says in a press release. “While not street legal, it’s very capable at moderate speeds in most any curve. But when the turbos spool up, the car is best enjoyed moving straight ahead.”

Further modifications involve the strong transmission to hang on to the increased power, while utilizing a one-piece driveshaft. The Shelby/Baer rotors and brakes are involved. So prepare to use it to the max. With the 20-inch wheels ahead of Pirelli P Zero tires and Nitto NY555R drag radials held in the back.

The Shelby utilizes about 10 GT500s from 2020 to 2022. With the production capping at about 30 entirely. If you’re interested in ownership one of the 30, be prepared to spend. Of course, the package begins at about the price $209,995 which cannot include the high price of $80,000 price tag for the donor car.

In conclusion, this is a great vehicle.

This car is a powerful example and is truly the best of the best. It’s a fast car that gives off the strongest engine cooling capacity. All to handle extra heat. This is a very reliable car that can push out enough horsepower to excite your enthusiasm for cruising around town again. Do you remember how fun that used to be!? Cruising around as fast as you can down the panoramic highway. The vehicle itself is going places. And you can go with it, with all the ponies it will exude. Many fans of the brand are doubtful that the vehicle will be all that it can be but perhaps it will excel beyond anyone’s expectations! That could potentially boost the stock that Ford has been so dutifully trying to boost back up since August 19th. It’s big swings like these that could make all the difference in a positive market value.

Mini Aceman Concept Looks To Stun Carbuyers By 2024

Mini Aceman Concept Looks To Stun Carbuyers By 2024

Mini is a well-renowned British carmaker and they are excited to maintain that image. Especially when all that any auto company can talk about is their new electric vehicle coming out of the woodwork, for all of us to adopt as our new favorite cars. As an electric vehicle, the Mini Aceman is likely to impress a major amount of EV-enthusiasts.

Well, what is it though?

The Mini Aceman is a new crossover that tends to take an aesthetic page from popular video games of all sorts. Mini believes that the Aceman will look like a production model that can definitely fit in well between the Cooper hatchback and the Countryman subcompact SUV. And no doubt it will impress with it’s user interface promising context-aware navigational tools.

Keep in mind, the Mini Aceman as we know it is being showcased as a concept vehicle and still has yet to be entered into production.

So what is so cool about the Aceman in particular?

Revealed to the public in Dusseldorf, this crossover SUV, as is, maintains truth to the final production model that is slated to release to the public in 2024. As mentioned before, the Aceman is likely to fit perfectly as the middle child with 13 feet in height and 6.5 feet in width.

Mini is so confident in their ecologically-friendly efforts that they are certain half of their sales in 2027 are destined to be EV models. Meaning that their last-ever internal combustion engine-powered car is going to be sold as soon as 2025. And that’s quite a statement, considering they sold about 302,000 units globally in 2021 alone.

Aceman is the second EV rolling out on Mini’s assembly line and will likely mirror the Cooper E and SE’s stats, since they are both powered by the same electric platform. The E will generate at most 135 kilowatts of power for 186 miles of range while the SE will generate 160 kilowatts with 248 miles. In typical, middle-child form, the Aceman shouldn’t be too far off those specs, from what we know so far.

Not everyone is satisfied with the struggle to introduce EVs in place of ICE vehicles. Take Adrian van Hooydonk, BMW Group’s design director, for instance. He believes that some individuals are not going to be stoked on the Aceman’s size. “We’re getting interesting feedback. Some markets say the car is too big. Others, it’s too small. So now we are aiming to go in with two crossover SUVs: this Aceman and the future Countryman. It’s hard to please all the markets worldwide with one car.”

Likely, this is all very dependent on whether or not the Aceman runs on AWD. If so, this will give other models in Mini’s lineup the freedom to explore new terrains.

Land Rover Created Powerful EVs Out Of The 2023 Range Rover Model

Land Rover Created Powerful EVs Out Of The 2023 Range Rover Model

Land Rover has plenty of goodwill that it’s built out of it’s reputable history as a major player in not only the SUV circuit but also the EV track. The car is more than capable to hit the road with so much capacity to handle any sort of power. It’s honestly the best type of combination, where their Land Rober. has the strongest output for any electric vehicle in it’s class.

Today’s Range Rover is built with a unibody platform, an even more capable 4×4 system, and a well-appointed interior that rivals the finest luxury automobiles on the road. Capable, luxurious, and boasting some well-deserved cachet, the all-new 2022 Land Rover Range Rover is recognized as the gold standard in SUVs

The Range Rover boasts an intelligent All-Wheel Drive (iAWD) transmission controlled by Land Rover’s Intelligent Driveline Dynamics (IDD) system. The computerized system continuously monitors each tire’s grip and distributes it between the front and rear axles (and across the axle) to optimize traction both on- and off-road. In addition, all Range Rover models are also fitted with an Active Locking Rear Differential that adds even more capability off-road.

You Should Check Out The Insides of This Beast from Land Rover!

The front seats are very comfortable and supportive for all body sizes. There is generous head, shoulder, and legroom for both front occupants (the seat controls are on the doors, which makes them easy to operate).

The second row is nearly as comfortable as the front, with outboard passengers sitting in seats that closely mirror the seats in front of them in terms of design and support. The middle passenger sits on a flat cushion, but it’s more than adequate for short trips. Range Rover is offering a third row, but it still isn’t adult-sized – kids will find it okay.

Those seeking the ultimate in luxury need to opt for the SV Signature Suite in the long-wheelbase (LWB) model. It boasts 24-way reclining seats in the second row, complete with massage functionality. A deployable Club Table allows passengers to work while they travel first class.

When you want to ship your vehicles out of San Francisco and over to anywhere else, you turn to our team of experienced drivers and capable shipping trailers! Trust me when I say San Francisco Car Transport has all the years of industry knowledge you can rely on, no matter how you want to ship your car. But don’t take my word for it! Visit out website to learn more or simply talk to a live representative, just to get a FREE Quote! We’d love to serve you! (628) 246-1557

What Does SF’s Population Decline Mean?

What Does SF’s Population Decline Mean?

According to U.S. Census data, San Francisco’s population declined significantly from 2020 to 2021. From July to July of those years, the city’s population dropped 6.3%. This is the largest population decline of any major metropolitan area in the U.S. So what does this mean for the city? Here are some of the changes that San Franciscans may see soon.

Housing prices could fall

A known effect of declining populations is a decline in housing prices. Many suspect that part of the reason San Francisco’s population has decreased so much is the high cost of housing in the city. Because of this, a decline in housing prices may not be entirely negative. After a while, housing will become more affordable, leading to greater migration into the city. However, homeowners will face reduced home values, which can hurt their financial situation.

Tax revenue will decrease

Fewer people in the city will mean fewer taxpayers. During times of population decline, local officials often have concerns about decreasing public revenue. This can create major problems for a city government tasked with performing public services. San Francisco has an annual budget of around $13 billion, so it relies heavily on tax revenue to support its operations. With less revenue from its citizens, the city’s services, like utilities and police funding, could suffer.

Roadways and traffic may see effects

San Francisco typically has very bad traffic. Many had concerns that the return to working post-COVID would bring traffic back with a vengeance. However, one of the potential positive effects of population decline is a reduction in congestion. Residents will likely welcome the reduced wait times on the road, but not all is well. Because the city will receive less funding, its capacity to perform roadway maintenance will likely suffer. This will actually increase wear and tear on vehicles, reducing their lifespan. So, it’s hard to say whether San Francisco’s cars will benefit or not from its declining population.

Selling Your Car: How to Prepare for Sale

Selling Your Car: How to Prepare for Sale

Selling your car on your own can be an intimidating experience. There are many steps that you have to take to make sure your car is in the best condition it can be in. But what steps really matter for the sale of a car? Here is our list of the most important steps to take to turn your car into an attractive purchase.

Take it in for maintenance

The best way to make sure your car gets sold for a reasonable price is to keep it in good working order. Once you own a car, you become more willing to tolerate small mechanical issues that don’t affect your drive. However, buyers won’t have that same tolerance. So, taking it in for extensive maintenance is a must to make selling your car go smoothly. At the very least, you should top off any fluids and make sure your fuses aren’t burned out.

Clean your car inside and out

Nobody wants to drive around in someone else’s mess. Even if you keep your car relatively clean, it could still use a nice, deep clean to make it look nicer to potential buyers. This might be the time to take it to a hand wash facility to let the professionals do what they do best and leave your car looking shiny and new. After all, the same rule as above applies here: what’s good enough for you, the car’s everyday user, won’t be good enough for a buyer.

Take quality pictures

If you want to get the best offer on your car, taking good pictures is incredibly important. The vast majority of people buying used cars from others will be searching online to find the right car, and the best means of comparing their options is via how they look in pictures. If your car looks good, people will think that it is good. So make sure to take well-lit pictures after you get the car washed so it looks as good as new!

Once you find the right buyer, the next step is getting the car to them. If they live nearby, it will be easy for them to come pick it up and drive it home. If they live a long distance away, you might want to shipping it with San Francisco Car Transport.

Oakland Mulls Over Stadium Plan

Oakland Mulls Over Stadium Plan

The Oakland A’s are considering a move to Las Vegas, and the city of Oakland is mulling over its options to try and keep the team. A proposed $6 billion stadium plan, which would build the A’s a new ballpark in the most-unused Howard Terminal, is under hot debate. So, what should Oakland do? Here are some thoughts on the debate.

Transportation advocates rally against the stadium plan

A coalition of truckers, shipping companies, and other transportation advocates has sued the city over this proposed plan and its environmental review. Their argument hinges on the location of the new development. Though currently not in use, Howard Terminal is part of the Port of Oakland. It rests on prime land for port activity. Building a stadium there, the advocates say, will cap the amount of shipping traffic that can go through the port, which may come back to haunt the city down the line.

Shipping companies face unique logistical challenges. As a company that often works with shipping companies to ship their trailers, we know how difficult it is for shipping companies to get the space they need. While this development would be a boon for the area, the concerns raised in the lawsuit are valid ones.

Team and city presently endorse the plan

The team and the city of Oakland have both endorsed the plan. However, the A’s refuse to commit to either that plan or ones proposed by Las Vegas. The City Council approved the Environmental Impact Review for the plan back in February. Citing affordable housing and the removal of toxic waste, the city endorsed the plan at the time.

In recent years, Oakland has had a particularly sticky relationship with sports teams. The Raiders, formerly of Oakland, moved to Las Vegas in 2017. The Golden State Warriors moved from Oakland across the bay to San Francisco two years later. With the A’s being the only major sports team left in town, the city is understandably doing everything it can to keep the team in town. However, the question remains: is it worth it?

Is San Francisco Traffic on the Rebound?

Is San Francisco Traffic on the Rebound?

San Franciscans are returning to work, which begs the question: how bad will the traffic get?

The COVID-19 pandemic effectively suspended traffic during its worst periods. But as the pandemic and its associated restrictions ease, many worry about the return of horrific traffic into and out of the city.

However, these traffic worries so far have not come to fruition. Traffic is on the rise, but it has not reached pre-pandemic levels that some dubbed “carmageddon.” Some of the bridges into and out of the city report traffic levels around 20% lower than pre-pandemic highs. And traffic overall has remained low, as much as 23% lower.

San Francisco traffic has seen a relative decrease, too. The Bay Area’s traffic was once one of the three worst traffic areas in the US, but that ranking has since fallen. Experts believe the decrease is thanks to the heavily tech-oriented nature of work in San Francisco. Others cite an increase in public transit ridership and rising gas prices as factors.

Workers’ Worries May Not Materialize

Mayor London Breed has emphasized the need for workers to return to work in the city center. These workers patronize local businesses like eateries and bars, which need workers to return in order to survive. But many workers have worried about returning to the office, in part because of traffic concerns. If current trends hold, it seems these worries will turn out to be unfounded.

Before the pandemic, the average American drove nearly half an hour to get to work. After years of living and working at home, many don’t wish to see that commute return. People have moved to less convenient commuter locations, or they already live in more remote locations like Walnut Creek. But if you’re worried about commute times getting worse, for the time being, San Francisco traffic isn’t coming back as badly as it once was.

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