Selling Your Car: How to Prepare for Sale

Selling Your Car: How to Prepare for Sale

Selling your car on your own can be an intimidating experience. There are many steps that you have to take to make sure your car is in the best condition it can be in. But what steps really matter for the sale of a car? Here is our list of the most important steps to take to turn your car into an attractive purchase.

Take it in for maintenance

The best way to make sure your car gets sold for a reasonable price is to keep it in good working order. Once you own a car, you become more willing to tolerate small mechanical issues that don’t affect your drive. However, buyers won’t have that same tolerance. So, taking it in for extensive maintenance is a must to make selling your car go smoothly. At the very least, you should top off any fluids and make sure your fuses aren’t burned out.

Clean your car inside and out

Nobody wants to drive around in someone else’s mess. Even if you keep your car relatively clean, it could still use a nice, deep clean to make it look nicer to potential buyers. This might be the time to take it to a hand wash facility to let the professionals do what they do best and leave your car looking shiny and new. After all, the same rule as above applies here: what’s good enough for you, the car’s everyday user, won’t be good enough for a buyer.

Take quality pictures

If you want to get the best offer on your car, taking good pictures is incredibly important. The vast majority of people buying used cars from others will be searching online to find the right car, and the best means of comparing their options is via how they look in pictures. If your car looks good, people will think that it is good. So make sure to take well-lit pictures after you get the car washed so it looks as good as new!

Once you find the right buyer, the next step is getting the car to them. If they live nearby, it will be easy for them to come pick it up and drive it home. If they live a long distance away, you might want to shipping it with San Francisco Car Transport.

Oakland Mulls Over Stadium Plan

Oakland Mulls Over Stadium Plan

The Oakland A’s are considering a move to Las Vegas, and the city of Oakland is mulling over its options to try and keep the team. A proposed $6 billion stadium plan, which would build the A’s a new ballpark in the most-unused Howard Terminal, is under hot debate. So, what should Oakland do? Here are some thoughts on the debate.

Transportation advocates rally against the stadium plan

A coalition of truckers, shipping companies, and other transportation advocates has sued the city over this proposed plan and its environmental review. Their argument hinges on the location of the new development. Though currently not in use, Howard Terminal is part of the Port of Oakland. It rests on prime land for port activity. Building a stadium there, the advocates say, will cap the amount of shipping traffic that can go through the port, which may come back to haunt the city down the line.

Shipping companies face unique logistical challenges. As a company that often works with shipping companies to ship their trailers, we know how difficult it is for shipping companies to get the space they need. While this development would be a boon for the area, the concerns raised in the lawsuit are valid ones.

Team and city presently endorse the plan

The team and the city of Oakland have both endorsed the plan. However, the A’s refuse to commit to either that plan or ones proposed by Las Vegas. The City Council approved the Environmental Impact Review for the plan back in February. Citing affordable housing and the removal of toxic waste, the city endorsed the plan at the time.

In recent years, Oakland has had a particularly sticky relationship with sports teams. The Raiders, formerly of Oakland, moved to Las Vegas in 2017. The Golden State Warriors moved from Oakland across the bay to San Francisco two years later. With the A’s being the only major sports team left in town, the city is understandably doing everything it can to keep the team in town. However, the question remains: is it worth it?

Is San Francisco Traffic on the Rebound?

Is San Francisco Traffic on the Rebound?

San Franciscans are returning to work, which begs the question: how bad will the traffic get?

The COVID-19 pandemic effectively suspended traffic during its worst periods. But as the pandemic and its associated restrictions ease, many worry about the return of horrific traffic into and out of the city.

However, these traffic worries so far have not come to fruition. Traffic is on the rise, but it has not reached pre-pandemic levels that some dubbed “carmageddon.” Some of the bridges into and out of the city report traffic levels around 20% lower than pre-pandemic highs. And traffic overall has remained low, as much as 23% lower.

San Francisco traffic has seen a relative decrease, too. The Bay Area’s traffic was once one of the three worst traffic areas in the US, but that ranking has since fallen. Experts believe the decrease is thanks to the heavily tech-oriented nature of work in San Francisco. Others cite an increase in public transit ridership and rising gas prices as factors.

Workers’ Worries May Not Materialize

Mayor London Breed has emphasized the need for workers to return to work in the city center. These workers patronize local businesses like eateries and bars, which need workers to return in order to survive. But many workers have worried about returning to the office, in part because of traffic concerns. If current trends hold, it seems these worries will turn out to be unfounded.

Before the pandemic, the average American drove nearly half an hour to get to work. After years of living and working at home, many don’t wish to see that commute return. People have moved to less convenient commuter locations, or they already live in more remote locations like Walnut Creek. But if you’re worried about commute times getting worse, for the time being, San Francisco traffic isn’t coming back as badly as it once was.

Honda E RWD EV Dazzles Buyers With an Innovative Design

Honda E RWD EV Dazzles Buyers With an Innovative Design

Honda is making totally electric vehicles come through style. The Honda E is uncovering its production form in 2019. This vehicle has been plenty adored for its minimalist retro-futuristic design. It’s a first-generation Civic that carries towards the bigger role of a new brand.

Honda E Has Updated Technology

The vehicle had style beyond it’s years. Such a Honda E has a small size measuring about 3,894 millimeters in length. Of course the Honda E comes totally loaded with technology. This involves the “in your face” five-screen layout for the dashboard along with safety kits and digital mirrors. It’s thankfs to Honda and their latest ADAS.

The Honda 3 happens to be well known as an Advance variant. It gives off a strong electric motor on the rear mount. Such a vehicle can produce about 152 horsepower with also 315 Nm of torque. The numbers don’t change the standards. The vehicle comes equipped with low center of gravity with independent suspension. It comes with beyond superior driving dynamics.

Within the 2020s, plenty of electric vehicles have had to shift range anxiety with larger batteries. But Honda didn’t follow the road. It actually opts for a small 35.5 kilowatt-hours lithium-ion battery pack. It comes with a WLTP range of 210 to 222 kilometers. Usually, plenty of people do so in a week. The limited range can be troublesome. But a small battery makes for more time to recharge.

Honda is proving to have plenty of rivals in such models like the Fiat 500 or the MINI Cooper SE. Even the Peugeot E-208 or the Opel Corsa-E.

Citroen Lux Division Creates DS E-Tense Performance Supercar Concept

Citroen Lux Division Creates DS E-Tense Performance Supercar Concept

Citroen is making headlines with a new electric vehicle. Though, one might be quicker to call the DS E-Tense Performance model a supercar concept that uses electric motors from the DS Techeetah Formula E race car, for a combo of 805 horsepower. The E-Tense Performance cannot really reach production but is looking to track-test itself with two champion drivers.

But what is the story with this Citroen vehicle?

The Citroen brand believes in evolution. And the E-Tense concept shows off at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. In such a display, the car comes in a low-slung form. The car remains the same as the original vehicle, but with something new added. Headlights have cameras now. There’s also a swap of the gaping chrome grille for a black grille instead. Therefore, this feature is an advancement. there also happens to be vents chiseled into the bodywork.

Note the fact that this concept car also has a beetle-like color. It changes shade as frequently as you can imagine.

Under the hood, there’s also a great design that shows off two electric motors and carbon monocoque or the original Citroen Formula E Model.

To say that this car produces a lot of torque is an understatement. It comes packed with a carbon monocoque and a pair of electric motors.

With a motor on each axle, the E-Tense Performance puts down 805 horsepower, and DS claims it sprints to 62 mph in around 2.0 seconds. DS didn’t reveal the battery’s size, but says it is “housed in a carbon-aluminum composite envelope” and is positioned in a central-rear location for ideal weight distribution.

Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro Looks Like Some Car Out Of The Wilderness

Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro Looks Like Some Car Out Of The Wilderness

Toyota’s latest 4Runner TRD Pro has some ups and downs that make’s timeless and timed-out all at once, as it turns out. Sure, it kind of looks cool, but the changes that are coming together in the Toyota 4Runner has only shown a couple of changes since 2009. Couple that with the 1GR-FE 4.0-liter V-6 engine, and you’ve got a blast from the past that you’re not even sure should last. The vehicle is certainly stuck with the roll-down rear window combo’d with the 4×4 style.

Toyota can’t help it! This TRD Pro has only had a couple of changes over the years, and for what?

The vehicle has a front skid plate, along with a chunky roof rack as well as a separate grille with old-school Toyota letters. Suspension upgrades have the package covered. But besides that, there’s a Nitto Terra Grappler All-Terrain style to the tires. And an upgraded exhaust shows itself as an annoyance beyond what anyone could even calculate at highway speeds. Think about all the ingredients present and you can see that the manual transfer case with only 9.6 inches of ground clearance with hill-descent control. Toss in the varied settings for all of the terrain and you might not realize that it’s lacking the cool Toyota desperately deserves by now.

The 4Runner has a lot of body roll and brake drive and almost too much play in the steering rack, while displaying the V-6 with an intake roar which has you distance from the transmissions.

Toyota has plenty of other hybrid SUVs that can reach about 30-plus MPG. Toyota has so many 4Runners that they sell. But for how long, and for how much. $144,696? Is that even a good amount for something stuck in the past? It cannot yet be properly there, really.

Nissan Kicks Gets Fun Tech, Accessories, and Parts Focusing on Safety

Nissan Kicks Gets Fun Tech, Accessories, and Parts Focusing on Safety

Nissan Kicks for 2022 is doing very well and $100 more expensive than the refreshed model cost did in 2021. Also, it had three available trims. There is the value-driven crossover for the younger buyers which starts at $20,875 for the base S trim. This is after the $1,175 destination charge. There are goodies like a seven-inch infotainment touchscreen that runs the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Plus a driver assistance features include automatic emergency braking. Plus a blind spot warning, high-beam assist, lane departure warning, and rear automatic braking.

Nissan Kicks Goodies and Practical Features

That gets goodies like a seven-inch infotainment touchscreen running Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. In addition, to driver assistance features like automatic emergency braking, blind-spot warning, high-beam assist, lane departure warning, and rear automatic braking. The 16-inch steel wheels hide behind wheel covers.

The Kicks SV runs $22,725 after destination. The SV does upgrade to a seven-inch Advanced Drive-Assist Display in the gauge cluster, an eight-inch infotainment touchscreen, and 17-inch alloy wheels. It does add more convenience features and tech. This would include a center console armrest with storage, intelligent cruise control, and an electronic parking brake. The SV is nearly $1,900 more than the S, yet the SV, and SR, do provide a lot of extra stuff for so little money. The recommendation is really not to go with a base car. However, if you did, you would find great value in the spacious cargo area, adult-friendly back seat, very abundant standard safety content, plus excellent visibility and best-in-class fuel economy.

The SR does ask for $23,415. Also, it does go further with LED headlights, DRLs, and fog lights, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and sport cloth seats, In addition, Nissan’s Intelligent Around View Monitor system, and then the carmaker offers the only option package. In fact, the $1,200 SR Premium Package does heat the steering wheel. It also installs a security system. The Nissan Connect is offered with a WIFI hotspot. It does also add eight-speaker Bose audio with the headrest speakers for the driver’s seat.  

Ford F-150 Tremor Allows For An Evolution From The Raptor

Ford F-150 Tremor Allows For An Evolution From The Raptor

The Tremor is available with some novel features intended to make navigating off-road obstacles much easier, and most of them work quite well. Trail Control, for instance, works as a sort of low-speed cruise control, allowing for even power delivery while heading up an incline or through a rutted pass, for example. Trail Turn Assist provides more maneuverability in tight cornering scenarios by braking an inside wheel, giving the truck a tighter turn radius.

The Tremor’s available Trail One-Pedal Drive feature could use more time in the oven.

However. Like an electric vehicle, the system negates the use of the brake pedal, allowing the driver to simply push down on the gas to go forward and let off to stop. Unlike an EV, though, which uses drag from the electric motor to slow the vehicle, the Tremor’s system uses the truck’s friction brakes. The system is difficult to modulate without practice, and abruptly taking your foot off the accelerator pedal at low speeds can actually lock the brakes. In our experience at Holly Oaks, using the feature on a steep downhill slope caused some unwanted skidding. Luckily, the truck also has a more traditional hill-descent control system.

On the road, the Tremor drives much like a normal F-150. The ride is compliant for a pickup truck and the retuned suspension improves the ride quality somewhat, particularly on sharper impacts, which are more muted in the Tremor than in the standard F-150. The twin-turbo V-6 pulls strong throughout the rev range and helped the Tremor snap off a 5.3-second run to 60 mph at our test track, only 0.1 second behind the 385-pound heavier Raptor’s time. The Tremor also made it through the quarter-mile in 13.9 seconds at 100 mph, 2 mph faster than the Raptor and 1 mph slower than the F150 Hybrid.

Subaru Solterra Throws Its Hat Into The Electric Vehicle Ring

Subaru Solterra Throws Its Hat Into The Electric Vehicle Ring

Subaru is a long-time staple, known as a dependable car brand. Who among you don’t know someone who owns a Subaru? It’s really quite more common than one would think. The Subaru is joining the electric vehicle marketplace with a smallish crossover for outdoorsy activities that Subaru owners tend to accept. The 2023 Solterra is actually a combo for the words “Sun” and “Earth.” Additionally, the electric SUV is a small, two-motor, all-wheel-drive SUV that you better not mess with. It can handle its own with a new feature called “Grip Control.” This actually enables for off-road cruise control technology. The 2023 Subaru Solterra is capable within a partnership with the Toyota bZ4X.

Subaru Wants To Promote More Than A Long Wheelbase

This makes for an interesting design that not only focuses on numerous angles and body lines but also an interest in crash safety. The sheet metal itself is able to end in short overhangs at the nose and the tail. The current design language of plastic-clad sides extends further beyond the wheel arches from the front fenders in order to flank a body-color hexagonal grille. All are complete with a blocked-out design that is able to define the Subaru Solterra as more than just a simple electric vehicle.

It is also possessive of a dual roof wing. This, therefore, serves for purposes more about looks than just aero. Therefore, it leaves real air management duties in a slim ducktail at the base of the rear glass. In such an instance, the tailgate is flanking by complicating multi-element taillights, complete with dark surrounds that run against the back profile. The styling trend with SUVs lends to believe there is an action-relative design, just waiting to be fill with changing surfaces. Something certain that the Subaru Solterra reflects. There is also about 8.3 inches of ground clearance which is easy to find between the nose and the rear. This certainly is a good development. A great one actually. When you really think about it, Subaru leads the way. As they always will. Would you believe it?

Honda Debuts A Brand New Brand For EVs Called “e:N.”

Honda Debuts A Brand New Brand For EVs Called “e:N.”

Honda is planning on debuting a brand new lineup of cars so advanced, they decided to bring in a whole new electric vehicle brand. The e:N brand is essentially the best type of option you can get for the satisfaction of the ecologically-minded in you. So let’s look at what the models are that Honda — er. I mean, “e:N” — is offering.

Firstly, they have the e:NS1 to show you.

And this vehicle is certainly wonderful with a vibrant yellow and black body. The shape of it in the front is blocky with skinny headlights.

Secondly, the auto company has the e:NP1 gives off a crossover appearance with looks similar to the Honda SUV E:Prototype from 2021. The headlights flow through the front end.

Thirdly, e:N has another trio of vehicles under the e:N Coupe Concept. Furthermore, there’s an e:N SUV Concept is also an amazing option offered up through Honda and their e:N brand. Not to mention with e:N GT Concept. There’s also a design language that makes this vehicle look nothing like the current models.

The car maker is going to dispel about ten models in the e:N lineup. These are going to be specific from dealers in Chin. Honda can’t say too much information about the e:N models’ powertrain. They’re all on a shared platform. Such an electric vehicle is going to experience proper technology, much like the Honda Sensing and the Honda Connect tech with a digital cockpit. The people behind e:N plan to get all these models for sale in China after 2030, most likely.

This company has a great idea of making hybrids and full EVs. They’re is pretty capable of creating major sales. So to say that they know what they’re doing is pretty darn obvious. Honda and their e:N brand will do the world favors again and again. It’s all simply wonderful.

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