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Why Choose San Francisco Car Transport?

insurance coverage
This is how safe your car is with us!

Ensuring the safety of your vehicle when you ship it sits atop your list of concerns. While all auto transport companies must have insurance, not all provide substantial coverage. But it will not be a hassle for you when you transport your vehicle with San Francisco Car Transport. We are a licensed and bonded company that provides full insurance coverage for all our customers. Our company understands the importance of your vehicle, that’s why we pay attention to even the smallest detail during the process. As we built our reputation on our customers’ feedbacks and reviews, we are aware of any kind of threat that our clients go through when handing us their vehicle. So, we make sure to provide comprehensive coverage for every vehicle. If you ship with us, you get insurance at no additional cost.

San Francisco Car Transport’s rates are as follows:

Hand Us Your Vehicle and Relax

Our company always takes good care of any vehicle that we ship. That is why we only hire professional and skilled drivers who know enough to safely take your vehicle from place to place.

Moreover, our trucks are examined on a regular basis. However, no one can predict what’s going to occur on the road. That is why, when we pick up the vehicle, first, we carefully check it. If we find any damages or scratches, we note them. If there would be an accident (though the probability is 0.2%) when we ship your car, you don’t need to worry. San Francisco Car Transport provides 100% insurance on all vehicles we ship.

Car Transport is Insured with Us              

When you trust your car to an auto transport company, you’ve got to be sure it has proper insurance. And we understand that! San Francisco Car Transport can promise you your car will be covered. Over the years, we kept our customers happy. You can check our customers’ reviews on sites like Yelp, Google+ and Yellow Pages. We assisted thousands of people with their car transport. Just relax and let us do what we do best. With us, you will know no stress. We are looking forward to serving you!

Feel free to get in touch with our talented crew and ask additional questions. Call them at (628) 246-1557.

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