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military equipment shipping Sometimes there is a need for military personnel to move from state to state and transport vehicles with them. Those vehicles are huge ones and have thousands of lbs. weight. Indeed, not every vehicle shipper will be ready to transport that kind of vehicle. It needs a really good experience and team to take care of military vehicles.


Similar to Heavy Haul, this type is a different method of shipping, so it is, also, a hard one. Special permits are needed to ship this kind of vehicles, which San Francisco Car Transport has no problem with! We have all the needed equipment to securely attach any kind of vehicle to our flatbeds and ship it to your desired destination.

Got a Heavy Vehicle? Not a Problem!

San Francisco is one of a kind when doing various types of car transport. We are one of those companies who will take care of your military shipping for you. With us, you can move your whole base or just some vehicles, and we will arrange the move without any stress for you. We also have all the required permits and can ship to any base in the US. Our Military Vehicle Moving service includes nationwide shipping. So, it doesn’t matter from where and to where is going your vehicle. Give us the details and rest assured.


How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Military Vehicle?

Rates for Military Vehicle Shipping can vary strongly. It depends on the type of the vehicle: size and weight. Our fleet size and the expertise of our team has enabled us to serve diverse customers in several niche markets. Contact San Francisco Car Transport for additional information about any kind of vehicle transport across the US.


military vehicle shipping

You will get the best service when you are working with one of the best companies in the US.


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