Bay Area Goes Without ‘Spare the Air’ Advisory In Heat Wave

In the Bay Area, there has been problems in the past that showed so much danger in the air. Something that would definitely threaten the majority of people who are truly worried about keeping their lungs clean and safe. Otherwise, there’s an effort that usually comes through to indicate that the weather needs to be noticed. All because the Spare the Air Effort is an indicator for everyone in San Francisco and the surrounding areas to totally be ready for when smog or ozone would become too much.

However, in these days, when there’s heat advisories going about in what looks to be the hottest month in recorded history, an alert is issued by the air district for smog/ozone where huge concentrations of the ground-level ozone pollution are said to be unhealthy. Higher levels of ozone pollution can even be too harmful to breathe. This is particularly true for young kids and old people. Even those with breathing problems find it tough. Thus, the Spare the Air effort is a big help to many people in the community who suffer from this.

Higher levels of ozone, aside, high heats are heading to all over the Bay Area, while there are plenty of cities on the inland that are going to surpass 100 degrees while the heat lasts for beyond several days.

Even in the immediate coast, you will see a comfy heat around the 60s to 70s range.

The excessive heat watch has been heightened from the excessive heat warning for all over the areas Inland, indicating that the heat’s change is not too far off. The National Weather Service themselves believe that around 3.5 million folks in the Bay Area are going to be indicated of the Excessive Heat Warning.

I would say, I wish there were more indications throughout San Francisco and beyond, towards other areas of the state of California. It makes a difference to show your fellow Californians how expertly you can show your care and compassion for each other. It’s also of a huge importance to unify different parts of California, much like the Oakland A’s and the Giants are attempting, in order to lessen the rivalry. Who else can really be so pursuant of the common good than your fellow Californian? It makes a difference to care, and Spare the Air!

To contact the Spare the Air team, all you really have to do is call the toll-free number at 1-800-HELP-AIR.

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