California To Recognize Caste Discrimination In Statewide Ban

Caste Racism has long been a major concern for folks immigrating into the the United States from varied countries like Bangladesh, Nepal and India. The latter of these countries, is currently considering changing it’s name to Bharat. That change aside, the same principles likely apply. California is starting to come around on this however, given that they’re going to be the first state to ban anti-caste racism.

The sadness in all of this shows as California has been rampant with way too many anti-caste cases. Back in 2020, the state regulators had made a lawsuit against the tech company of Cisco. All while supposedly, two of the high-caste Indian managers themselves had been discriminating against a Dalit engineer to subject them to lower pay and even inferior terms of employment. The California State University’s own approach has showed in 2022, where they became the primary university system that would add caste as a protected category for their own anti-discrimination policy.

California has been home to some of the most concerning crimes had occurred versus people that had been based on their own caste. For instance, 2001 saw a rich Bay area landlord being convicted of sex tracfficking in the aftermath of him sexually abusing beyond two dozen women in India through the course of about 15 years. He would then spend eight years in state prison.

Caste in specific references to the exclusionary system of more than several centuries of age.

The caste system shows a separation into four inherited social categories. Within a caste system, people whom have been left at the bottom of the social strata are seen less than. Not quite standard human beings if not victims forced to engage with everything from substandard housing into enslaved type of work. This is all information that comes from the IDSN or International Dalit Solidarity Network. They are an advocacy group for Dalits, also known as a South Asian minority group facing many generations of violence and stigma.

Caste systems like this have originated in the country as far back as about 3,000 years for a social hierarchy integral to someone’s occupation and birth. It was even through caste-based discrimination has been prohibited over there for 75 years. Dalits have been facing socioeconomic stagnation, poor treatment and violence.

Such a bill, given that it was previously approved by the state senate 31-5, had been sponsored by Aisha Wahab, whom is well known as the California state senator, while also having been the first Afghan American woman to be elected to the public office in the United States. By passing this bill, Governor Gavin Newsom will allow the first-in-the-USA bill to ban caste racism and acts of racism.

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