Corona Virus Brings San Francisco Into Yellow Tier of Impending Surge


COVID-19 is a serious danger to reckon with. And no area of California knows this better than the North. Specifically, the Bay Area, is more than certain that this new subvariant is going to be a dangerous version of Omicron. This results in the CDC indicate that the Bay Area reached yellow levels of concern.

Of course, the surge started by the third week of April, while also accounting for the daily case count rising above 100. Sure, last weekend the cases peaked in the city, but the jury’s still out if things are going to be just as bad as they were back in the Winter.

This is quite a stretch of where the case count for Omicron was in January, where the cases per day averaged around 2,377.

By April 25th, Corona Virus cases hit about 400 a day, with 300 trickling in for the days afterwards.

There’s still a likelihood that things could get get bad. But there have only been slight up-ticks of hospitalizations. The yellow tier shows “medium” levels of COVID transmission. And the areas besides San Francisco involve Santa Cruz county, Marin county, San Mateo county and Santa Clara county.

The CDC shows that the yellow tier holds about 200 new cases for every 100,000 residents within a span of a week. The amount of daily cases have risen to about 40% since the last week.

Deaths are relatively low in the Bay Area for the timing of the last two months. There’s higher rates of vaccination that stop the cases of Corona Virus from being worse than it already is. Deaths have been somewhat reinventing the norm as the toll of deaths from COVID-19 has recently hit about 1 million as of last Wednesday. Certainly, experts all across the world are noticing that the subvariants of Omicron found in BA.4 and BA.5 are reason enough to be scared. The worst could come from the worst.

Even UCSF has a wild Dr. Bob Wachter that’s getting afraid of the virus. He recommends that people wear N-95 masks against the incoming surge of COVID-19.

For COVID hospitalizations, there are more inpatients coming from the elderly end of the spectrum, more than anything.

If you ask me, COVID-19 is a very scary thing that we can always stay prepared for. But despite that real threat, the corona virus is easy to prepare against. Especially with the vaccinations and the masks being so readily available. This is all the truth you can realize when defending against Corona Virus.

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