COVID-19 Testing Before Eating at Restaurants Proposal

COVID-19 Testing Before you Sit Down to Eat! Look Out Big Brother!

COVID-19 testing within 72 hours before patrons sit down to eat is being proposed by Willie Lewis Brown Jr. Brown was San Francisco’s mayor from 1996 to 2004. He says that this is a solution for San Francisco’s struggling restaurants. However, putting in place a rule like this “would do a lot to bring people back,” Brown says. He added that the program would make dining out “risk-free.”

Willie Brown Made This “Suggestion” to Transform the Ghost Town Atmosphere of Downtown San Francisco

In fact, Brown made this suggestion from the pages of the San Francisco Chronicle, where his “Willie’s World” column has run since 2008. He said that “downtown San Francisco, especially Union Square, looks and feels like a ghost town.” Brown believes that restaurants across the city could bring in more diners. He said they would “advertise that your store, your restaurant or your public space is available only to people who had a negative test in the past 72 hours.” That’s his opinion. It sounds like more control over how and where you eat and what you do. However, this idea smacks of more authoritarian measures and allowing free rein of the government to do what they want.

Whether Michelin Stars or Goodyear Tires, This Sales Pitch isn’t Cooking with Gas at All! No Bueno, Willie!

“Just think, instead of a Michelin-approval restaurant, you had a risk-free space where all employees and customers knew everyone was infection-free,“ Brown writes, saying “it would do a lot to bring people back.”

Smarter Heads Prevail as the San Francisco Health Officer Doctor Disputes Sage Willie’s Horrible Idea

Moreover, according to public health officials argue, this plan could lull diners into a false sense of security. In fact, San Francisco Health Officer Dr. Grant Colfax has said, in a media event reported on by the SF Chronicle, that “people who test negative can still have the virus if they are early in their infection.” Furthermore, “We have seen the repeated failure of this testing strategy across the country, including in Washington, D.C.” False-positive testing, people!

No, you are not Safe from COVID-19 Ever!

Moreover, UCSF epidemiologist Dr. George Rutherford agrees, telling ABC 7 that “no amount of testing is going to absolutely guarantee you’re safe.”

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