DoorDash to Pay $5.3 Million to Couriers over Violations


DoorDash, the restaurant delivery company, is set to pay $ 5.3 million to settle allegations with a West Coast state and Northern city, that has stiffening. Also, there is the sick leave of approximately 4,500 delivery workers on the city’s mandatory health insurance.

DoorDash Workers and Compensation

Today, the deal has been announcing a representation of significant compensation for some couriers and marks. It is another unsetting point in the disagreement over whether gig workers should be classified as employees or independent contractors. Therefore, it is despite not setting a precedent.

The company did not admit any wrongdoing, DoorDash. The company is based in San Francisco.

Health Care and Sick Leave Requirements

DoorDash did say the settlement was not recognizing that a judge could have it established as an employer. Like other gig companies, DoorDash did insist that its employees should be classified as independent contractors.

Also, the city officials that were involving in the case do beg to disagree.

“DoorDash couriers, we therefore believe were, actually, misclassified. Then, they should have been employees for years,” said San Francisco Prosecutor David Chiu. “Moreover, it is not part of the settlement, but the perspective of the city.”

Tacit Admission

“This is indeed a tacit admission that (DoorDash couriers) are employees,” said Supervisor Aaron Peskin, whose complaint about DoorDash wage practices in 2019 is catalyzing the investigation which led to the settlement. “It really sends a message to Big Tech that they cannot exploit their employees.”

Director of the city’s Labor Standards Enforcement Bureau, Pat Mulligan, whose staff did pore over DoorDash records for thousands of workers for hours, had likeminded thoughts. In its two decades history in his office, the agreement is the largest.

Misclassification of Workers

“After all the debate about the misclassification of workers … this is important … for the enforcement of labor law and the advocacy of workers,” he said.

The agreement with grocery delivery company Instacart. Milligan’s department did reach an agreement with a grocery delivery company Instacart. It was last year on a similar case involving health insurance contributions and paid sick leave. Without admitting any wrongdoing, Instacart did agree. They paid approximately $750,000 to 985 couriers who did work for them around town from late 2013 through mid-2016.

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