East Palo Alto Halloween Party Results in Fatal Shooting of 2 People

palo alto shooting

PALO ALTO, California – East Palo Alto private Halloween party killed 2 people dead after an argument took place early Sunday morning, according to officials.

At around 2:44 a.m. in the morning, an activation of a shot -detector device has been in action. Police responded just after the shots, and reported a shooting on the 2500 block of Pulgas Ave.

Other than two dead people which were pronounced dead at the scene, 4 others have suffered major injuries from gunshots, said the sheriff of East Palo Alto police department.

One of the two victims was Eduardo Alvarado Sandoval, age 22, born in Stockton, CA. However, the second victim has no identity as of Monday morning, police is yet to identify his/her name age and origin.

Two victims were taken to a local hospital with major injuries and were listed to be in critical condition.

According to the authorities, the shooting took place after an argument outside a business complex during the adult party. The argument turned into a physical altercation which resulted in the shooting leaving 2 dead.

There have never been homicides in East Palo Alto since June 2016 other than this taken place on Oct. 15.

No suspects have been identified at this moment, according to the police department of East Palo Alto.

If you are someone with any information connected to the shooting, you are asked to contact East Palo Alto Police Department Detective. You can text anonymously at 650-409-6792.


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