Employees Must Be Vaccinated Within 10 Weeks Or Risk Job Loss


On Wednesday evening, employees in San Francisco are hearing this on a widespread scale. In it, the 37,000 employees have to be vaccinated versus COVID-19. This was in a range of 10 weeks for the Food and Drug Administration. As they were saying that they approve of the coronavirus vaccines. If they do not? They run a risk of being gone in any case. Employees are definitely in trouble of some sorts. And with that said, the vaccination policy is to be given by the city soon enough with an assumption to “comply with the policy” or terminate their own employment.

As it turns out, most COVID-19 vaccines are shown approval by the FDA for what may also be seen as an emergency use authorization. As wel as an expedited process. In which case, the emergency use is authoritative towards what the Congress can bestow upon the FDA after seeing the 9/11 terrorist attacks impact the country.

For the drug approval process, sometimes it takes a little longer than one would anticipate. Even those who have used the Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson are all issued some emergency use as a means of staying doubtful of their safety. Pfizer and BioNTech were able to submit an application for FDA to get full approval for COVID-19 on May 7th. Moderna was able to do that before on June 1st.

As it turns out, this policy needs all the employees to show their vaccination status no later than July 29th as a result of employment.

In which case, they have to upload the COVID-19 vaccination card and or document of vaccination from a health care provider. In which case, one really should consider the likelihood of taking their destiny into their own hands. This is the type of danger that is imminent in the continuing war against COVID-19. There is a danger of facing the end of your employment there. There’s a lot of good to be found here. With the virus still rampant, we want to vaccinate. That just seems to be the smartest idea. Isn’t that a good way of thinking? I would say so.

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