FBI Agent Shoots Musician Without Cause

fbi agent

Earlier this month, an off-duty plain-clothes FBI agent fired his weapon on a street musician after attempting to bust him for selling cannabis. Now, the victim, 24-year-old Tad Crane, speaks out against the officer’s action in an interview with the San Francisco Examiner.

The incident took place on February 8. It began when the as of yet unnamed FBI agent approached Crane on the street in San Francisco while he played guitar. Crane and a friend were smoking weed, and his friend portioned some out for another man. As he did so, the FBI agent in street clothes ordered them against the wall.

Crane said the agent failed to present any identification verifying his claim of authority. Crane saw no badge, and only heard the agent call himself “police.” As the agent searched the man who received weed from Crane’s friend, he pulled his phone out to make a call.

FBI Agent Triggered by Questions

When he fumbled his phone, Crane questioned his authority. The agent then pulled his gun. Crane says he stepped towards the agent with his shirt raised, indicating he was unarmed. “I set my guitar down and said ‘dude, take your BB gun to your momma’s house,’” Crane said of his response. “I started putting him in his place really hard for pulling a gun on some kids on Haight Street.”

That’s when the FBI agent stumbled backwards and began firing. He shot Crane twice. After paramedics rushed him to the hospital, Crane remained handcuffed to his bed for several days after the incident, under arrest for possession of psychedelic drugs for sale. However, authorities since released him, likely following scrutiny of the agent’s actions.

“He had plenty of time to think about putting the gun back in his pocket and walking away from the situation,” said Crane.

Now, he calls for criminal charges to be brought against the FBI agent in connection with the shooting.

The FBI says it is investigating the matter, though they have not released any information, including the agent’s name.

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