Fentanyl Seizures Soar, DEA Issues a Safety Alert Against the Drug


As the federal fentanyl seizures are soaring over 155% so far this year in a Western state, the Drug Enforcement Administration Monday has issued a health warning. This is over the lethal toll overdoses that are taking in a local region and across the country.

Moreover, the DEA has seized an unprecedented number of counterfeit drugs that contain a deadly substance. In fact, these fake drugs are the ones paying for them on the streets. Or also passed out at parties that many young people have, in fact, have attended.

Federal Fentanyl – Counterfeit Pill

The key is not to trust a pill just because it does look like it. Moreover, it could be something you got from the doctor because there’s a possibility it is a counterfeit pill. And it can kill you,” said Dr. Anna Lembke, a Professor of Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine.

Prescription Oxycodone

Moreover, the pills do look like prescription oxycodone or other opioid medication. Yet the DEA says the fake pills are lacing with fentanyl or meth because they are, in fact, become cheaper to make.

The heroin market is infiltrating with fentanyl and the counterfeit pill market. This is as more people are, in fact, dying because fentanyl is more deadly, Dr. Anna Lembke did say.

In July alone, San Francisco’s Office of Chief Medical Examiner said, 33 people, did die of accidental overdoses of fentanyl in the city.

Federal Fentanyl Deaths

One local county is actually closely monitoring the number of recorded fentanyl deaths. There were 27 recording deaths in 2019. In 2020, the toll rose dramatically to 88 recorded deaths. Then, in 2021, to date through early August, there have been 44 confirming deaths.

A non-profit organization is trying to help educate parents about the dangers and pitfalls of drug abuse in a local county. The director of RISK for the local county nonprofit is Leslie Nicholson.

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