Headless Torso in a Fish Tank : What Happened with Missing Man of San Francisco Home?

San Francisco missing man

San Francisco, California — A headless torso was found inside of a fish tank in San Francisco home of a missing man.

According to sources, the last time the neighbors saw the 65-year-old man walking with his dog Lucky was in early June.

When one of the neighbors called Scot Free noticed that Brian was missing, he posted on the neighborhood app Nextdoor and called the police.

The missing man resided on Clara Street in the city’s South of Market neighborhood.

The neighbor also noticed some suspicious people around Brian’s apartment. In July police did a wellness check in the home of a missing man.

The information about him being on a vacation, sounds very unlikely to Brian. According to Philippe Dunbar the patrol cars were parked outside the home in shifts for about two weeks.

A headless torso was found inside a fish tank by the police a week and a half ago. According to the officers, the chemicals were in the tank.

The missing person is not found . The investigation is still underway. The remains have not been identified yet.

A man has been arrested in connection with the case but no charges have been filled.

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