Kosher Baker Hires Formerly Incarcerated Employees

A kosher baker, is an Israeli businessman, who operates the only kosher bakery in the city has earned another moniker for his shop because of the formerly incarcerated people he now employs. The nickname for Issac Yosef’s Frena Bakery is the “Lifer Bakery.”

Kosher Baker in San Francisco

Serving 23 years in prison on a murder charge, Carlos Flores has said Yosef has hired him when he was, in fact, released from prison. Flores, along with two dozen others like him, over the years. In fact, the two bonded when Flores started speaking very little Hebrew. Moreover, it has something he had learned while taking classes behind bars.

Carlos Flores Always Wanted to be a Baker

“Well, I just got out of prison three days ago for doing 23 years for the murder of an innocent man,” Flores said. ” So I’ve never had a job. I didn’t know how to bake, but I’ve really always wanted to be a baker. I’m a hard worker. I got a college education. I’m a monster, beast when it comes to working, like, I can really help you out.'”

Judaism and Strong Faith

The seemingly unusual hire stems from his faith, Yosef said. “Everything needs to be Kosher as we are Jews,” Yosef said. It’s a way of life keeping Kosher. Giving everyone a second chance is a fundamental rule in Judaism. Moreover, it does not matter what you did. We believe if you have regret, and then you change your ways, then you deserve a better chance, yes a second chance, you know? When people were young, you can’t judge people. Then, in the heat of the moment, and therefore, nobody has stopped them. Then if nobody stopped us, most of us would go to jail, too. Do you know? It would be many times.”

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