Mayor London Breed Brings In A New Port Commission Official

Mayor London Breed

Mayor London Breed had made it known that Steven Lee was going to be appointed to the San Francisco Port Commission while also reappointing Gail Gilman and Willie Adams for separate four-year terms. Mr. Lee is swapping out outgoing Port Commission Vice President Doreen Woo Ho. Woo Ho had the pleasure of serving the Port Commission from 2011 to just about 2022. Willie Adams has been the president of the Port Commission, it’s appointed in 2012. Commissioner Gail Gilman had been working there since about 2018.

In a statement, Mayor London Breed expressed how happy she was to have Steven Lee work on the Port Commission while Willie Adams and Gail Gilman continued serving an additional four years. The Port can be home to San Francisco’s most iconic destinations while enacting a significant role in the economy of San Fran.

Mr. Lee has taken decades of training to be hospitable within the entertainment industry. Lee has long-since-owned while operating under many successful restaurants and nightclubs in Chinatown. This has been the case when he moved in the mid-seventies.

While expanding on his commitment to public service, Lee is hoping to more seriously regard the pressing problems that face the San Fran waterfront. Lee has long been an advocate for both the California Music and Culture Association as well as the San Francisco Entertainment Commission. In this case, he’s long been an advocate for entrepreneurs restaurants and nightclubs as well as addressing significant issues that face the industry like alcohol and public safety policies.

What does the San Francisco Port Commission do anyway?

The SFPC is responsible for nearly seven and a half miles of pure blue meets sand. The waterfront, essentially, coasting the San Francisco Bay is their governance. Here, the Port markets, develops and maintains all that goes on, business-wise. Nearly 550 different leases exist upon the SFPC. All sorts of commercial, retail and maritime leases as well as well-known landmarks. Anything from PIER 39 to Fisherman’s Wharf. When you look at the Port Commission, it has about five members, many of whom happen to be appointed by the Mayor while subject to confirmation by the City’s Board of Supervisors. Each of them is appointed for an approximate four-year term.

So you can see why it’d be a big deal for Steven Lee to join the ranks of the SFPC. It all connects to the greater good of the Bay Area’s main waterfront.

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