Mayor London Breed Pulls The Plug On Surveillance Oversight Law

Well, after much deliberation and thought, Mayor London Breed has been able to pull the harmful ballot initiative that has so many Northern Californians in turmoil. This is the surveillance oversight ordinance. The decision comes after much heated debate from the community as well as a coalition letter signed by beyond 30 San Francisco community and civil rights organizations. This includes the EFF and the Electronic Frontier Alliance members of the Oakland Privacy and Black Movement Law Project.

Mayor London Breed Wants the People To Give You Big Win.

This is increasing realize when police gave more and more power to surveil the public. Such a victory would best benefit the unhoused, immigrants and activists of all sorts.

Breed specifically wanted to allow police unilateral authority to access networks of surveillance cameras that they had previously used, without Board approval, to spy on protests in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. Several members of the Board of Supervisors countered this initiative by offering their own ballot measure, which would have strengthened, rather than undermined, the surveillance oversight ordinance. Now that the mayor has pulled her ballot initiative, the Supervisors have done the same. 

The mayor and the San Francisco Police Department recently used public fears of crime as justification to introduce the proposed ballot initiative, which would have created massive exceptions to the ordinance’s requirement that police get permission from democratically elected Supervisors before using or acquiring any new surveillance technology

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