Mental Health Nosedives In With Dangerous Air Quality


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Due to poor air quality, San Franciscans have had to stay inside. And with the already strenuous pandemic combined with political melodrama, it’s not helping mental health.

There’s no bigger critic of your success than the one that lives in your mind. This superego feeds off your pain and doesn’t care to recognize your truth. That you’ve got more potential than it cares to acknowledge. But the bigger issue lies in not combating the mental stress that can overcome any of us. What to do then? Well, naturally, it stands to reason that talking with family or friends, enjoying your hobbies and involving yourself in passion projects would deflect depression.

But in case you haven’t noticed, 2020 is the year of our reckoning.

So far this year, we’ve had an upsetting virus turn into a pandemic. Beyond COVID-19, the equally toxic police brutality, which luckily has brought activism to the front-lines of culture. On top of that, the scenery of the aggro-political atmosphere hasn’t given us the best odds. Something tells me it’ll be similar to choosing “the lesser of two evils” in 2016.

In any case, California’s facing some heavy smog with the fires worse than ever.

In San Francisco especially, the smog from the fires has proven to take the “mask-wearing” culture to all-new saddening levels.

The darkening, orange skies bring unneccesary memories of North California’s fires spelling doom with smoke.

There’s more worry now because all activities are turning into teleconference calls. Pretty soon, in-person therapy will cease being in high-demand.

You can only binge so much Netflix before your life’s on the edge of its seat.

A Quick PSA

Should you be struggling with suicidal thoughts, keep in mind licensed mental health professionals are available at your disposal. To contact these professionals, simply dial the phone number (415) 781-0500 or visit their website for further assistance.

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