Muni Hybrid Buses Have Been Purchased and Designed

New Muni buses, a fleet worth, have been approved by the City supervisors acting as the San Francisco County Transportation Authority. They have approved a request from the City’s transit agency for $16.2 million last Tuesday. These buses run on community routes with hilly terrain and narrow streets.

Muni Buses will Replace Hybrid Diesel Buses

The funding, coming from Prop K tax dollars, it will be used to replace 30 32-foot hybrid diesel buses are the end of their useful life back in 2017. Thus, it improves reliability and reducing maintenance costs. The fleet is experiencing “increased mechanical failures,” with buses now expected to run only 4,000 miles before needing another repair. They are overdue for a replacement.

There is only one catch. There are several routes which these buses serve are down due to pandemic-related service cuts. Though, it is unclear when they will return.

The only catch? There are many routes where these buses serve are shut down due to pandemic-associated service cuts. Yet, it is unclear when they will return.

Investing in New Vehicles

It makes more sense to invest in the new vehicles as opposed to “spending money to keep old buses running.” Julie Kirschbaum, director of transit for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, said this. In fact, this is the more and more difficult task of maintaining vehicles. Therefore, the parts and infrastructure are either expensive or no longer produced.

Orion Buses

In turn, the 32-foot Orion buses are what Muni uses. Therefore, they can access neighborhoods that wouldn’t otherwise have transit service. The 32-foot Orion buses run by Muni. This is in order to access neighborhoods. This wouldn’t otherwise have transit service. On the 35 Eureka, 36 Teresita, 37 Corbett, and 39 Coit these are on the lines.

Muni’s smallest vehicle is 32-foot motor coach. It is only with 30 of them. The hardest-to-reach neighborhoods for these coaches. This is where our larger vehicles can’t not climb the hills or make the turns, a staff report notes. These large vehicles including 40-foot and 60-foot variants.

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