Neighborhood Tires of Rising Crime, Hires Security Force


One San Francisco neighborhood says it is sick and tired of the crime rising. Therefore is going to take matters into its own hand. Thus they are banding together to hire their own security force.

Neighborhood is Under Siege

Social media is showing photos of crimes in the city even in the broad daylight. Also, cars are burglarizing with sometimes the people inside. It is often in the same car more than once.

On Tuesday in a local suburb, there were people tiring of being victims, who met up to consider the cost for really some peace of mind.

Stealing and Committing Assault is Brazely out in the Open

There are people at the meeting that believe people can come into San Franciso to steal and commit assault with no consequences.

A resident that has lived in the local area for 16 years knows very well that crime is up there.

“There are cars that are constantly broken into plus lots of broken glass,” he said. “In addition, there is a number of package robberies. In fact, it is actually rampant. Actually, I have a few women friends. They are very uncomfortable and nervous at night.”

In a local district, there are neighbors who are in the process of hiring a security force that is not far away in local district.

Supervisor Catherine Stefani does represent that area. Moreover, she recently spoke about crime and punishment, or lack thereof.

“Also, I’ve been in this city for 21 years,” she said. “I’ve also been in public service since 2007. Thus, I’ve never heard the complaints about home break-ins and other property crime like I really have in the past year and a half.”

The people in the local area, Stefani says are seeing a really lack of prosecution being a huge part of the problem.

“Moreover, if you know your sentence is going to be less here. Also, you might not be charging, what is really going to stop you?” Stefani said. “Therefore, it is the whole can of worms: the mayor, the Board of Supervisors, prosecutors, the police. Sadly, they can blame each other, but also they can’t sit down and have a system that works.”

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