New Measure Requires Sick Leave for Domestic Workers

New Measure Requiring Sick Leave for Domestic Works is a First of its Kind

A new measure that was unanimously passing by legislation that provided domestic workers with paid sick leave is the first of its kind in the United States. “Domestic Workers’ Equal Access to Paid Sick Leav”e is the ordinance. It does establish a “portable” paid sick leave benefit which allows people who work for many households to earn and then consolidate benefits from numerous “hiring entities” and then access the paid leave as they move between jobs.

New Measure – Employers of Domestic Workers

Under this ordinance, domestic workers accrue the right to paid sick leave equal to not less than one hour of net pay. It would be at the domestic worker’s regular rate of pay, for every 30 hours of work. However, both the hiring entity and the domestic worker are then responsible for reporting the number of hours of work and net pay rate pay to the “paid sick leave system.” This is while the right to sick leave funds does accrue in hour-unit increments. However, the funds are not transferred from the hiring entity to the domestic worker. This is until the domestic worker does request the funds.  Additionally, the hiring entity is really responsible for any tax withholding or tax reporting obligations. It would be for the contribution at the time the paid sick leave funds are transferring.

Affecting roughly 10,000 domestic workers in San Francisco, this ordinance is for those people who work in private homes. Also, under the ordinance, a “domestic worker” does include any individual who is employing by or contracts with a hiring entity to thus provide labor or services in a residence:

It would include caring for a child. Thus serving as a companion or providing other non-medical care or services for a sick, convalescing, disabled, or senior person. They would provide cleaning, cooking, providing food or butler services. Plus gardening and personal organizing. Also to perform other in-home personal or domestic services.

A “domestic worker” is defining as an individual who is part of their employment or contract. Also resides in the personal residence of the hiring entity.

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