Parklets are Now Permanent Fixtures in the Bay Area

Parklets, which is outdoor dining in former parking spots, are becoming a permanent fixture in the Bay Area. On Tuesday night, supervisors voting on an ordinance that does establish rules for what are commonly calling “parklets.” In fact, it’s been the one thing that besides take-out that has, in fact, helped restaurants in the city, therefore, make it through the financial hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Parklets are Important to Restaurateurs

“In fact, all the restauranteurs, and all the bar owners want to keep these parklets,” said Tony Gemignani of Tony’s Pizza.

In order for the businesses to get back on their feet, he said extra tables are needed. They will help cover new costs of the higher wages.

Additional Seating is Necessary

“Moreover, if we can’t make up for the lost income, by just having some additional seating, then, I really don’t know where we’ll be,” said Gemignani.

Tourists Really Love Parklets

“I think it’s really enjoyable to be eating outside,” said Libby Maynard of Eastern state. “I love it.”

“In fact, I think in many ways it’s an improvement. We’ve seen it in a number of city’s,” said Nick Maynard of Eastern state “We saw it in Southern California, and now we see it here. It will be nice to be in the fresh air.”

International Experience for Visitors

Then, maybe it will add to the international experience that many people do feel when they are in fact visiting the city’s diverse neighbors. Therefore, those filled with shops and eateries from around the globe.

“There is a European feeling to it, all of this au fresco dining,” said Gemignani.

San Franciscans Want the Parklets to Stay

In fact, many San Francisco residents like the idea of permanent parklets. Even those who complain about the lack of parking.

City May Suffer the Consequences of Keeping the Parklets Going

Moreover, it’s a give and take, but definitely not a giveaway. Moreover, the city will likely lose some parking income, however business owners will pay for the spots. 

In fact, fees are one of the items supervisors are going to talk about before making a final decision on the future of these shared spaces.

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