Pro-Abortion Protest Hits The Streets Of The Bay Area

A peaceful protest against the issues taken with the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn the Roe v. Wade decision on abortion has been held in the Bay Area. The rally began at the Civic Center and would keep going down Market Street and head through to Embarcadero, which would cause the bus reroute and street closures.

Such an event is held once a year, near the anniversary of the Supreme Court. The Constitution had kept the rights to abortion safe, though the court was striking the ruling in June 2022, with an opportunity for the other states to decide.

The turnout is very encouraging for the pro-abortion reps that are hoping that someday, the tens of thousands of people marching can actually influence many folks up in the food chain.

Many attendees that had been around came from the other side, specifically the church groups that had opposed the movement. In other words, anti-abortion folks. The Clergymen and Nuns would hold signs saying “pray to end abortion” and “love them both.”

A larger national antiabortion movement has been made the focus, as the March for Life would take place at the National Mall in Washington, where activists would say “I am the pro-life generation” and “Life is precious.”

Even the President, Joe Biden, preserved abortion rights to be a main focal point of the administration and Kamala Harris to highlight the White House’s very own commitment through a visit to Wisconsin, on the 51st anniversary of the Roe decision.

Saturday saw plenty of celebrities give their opinion on abortion rights. Kaya Jones, from the Pussycat Dolls, has mentioned how there’s always a way, and Lila Rose, the activist of the Live Action anti-aborition nonprofit, also showed up to speak on the matter. It continues to be a red-button topic to this day.

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