Prosecutors File New Charges Against Deputies in a Beating

Prosecutors have filed new charges against two former sheriff’s deputies who beat a man with batons. This is a case that District Attorney Chesa Boudin has called an “egregious example of police brutality.”Making National News in the Worst Way Possible

In November 2015, ex-deputies Luis Santamaria and Paul Wieber made national news. This is when it video emerged of them chasing a suspect into a dark alley in the Mission District of San Francisco. It was where they repeatedly struck him with batons.

Prosecutors: Initial Assault and Battery Charges

In the aftermarket of the incident, Santamaria and Wieber faced assault and battery charges. However, the District Attorney’s Office dismissed the case last March. It was when an expert witness became ill. Then the judge denied its request to delay the trial.

In fact, Boudin said his office has since “remained committed to prosecuting the case.”

“Moreover, we will on continue to pursue accountability for these deputies for the unjustified and unconscionable beating of an unarmed man,” Boudin said in a statement.

Fourth Case

Against a police officer under Boudin, this is the fourth case the District Attorney Office has brought. Boudin has campaigned on a pledge to hold police accountable. He had, in fact, previously secured charges against current or former San Francisco police officers. This was over two police shootings. The beating, in fact, was captured on body camera video.


Today, Santamaria and Wieber are scheduled to be arraigned on felony charges. Those include assault by a peace officer. In addition to battery with serious bodily injury and assault with a deadly weapon.

Both former deputies had in the past pleaded not guilty to the earlier set of charges in May 2016. Moreover, their attorneys did not quickly respond to requests for comment. Michael Rains, an attorney for Santamaria, has, in fact, argued that the videos of police using force can look awful but be “perfectly lawful.”

Chasing the suspect, the beating by the deputies unfolded. The suspect 29-year-old Stanislav Petrov went across the Bay Bridge. Allegedly driving a stolen vehicle, Petrov, said he had used to ram the sheriff’s vehicles in the East Bay.

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