Shelter In Place Order Extended

shelter in place

As the case count of coronavirus infections rises across the country, officials in San Francisco opted to extend their shelter in place order. Previously, an order issued March 16 expired on April 7. However, with the evolving threat prompting health officials to revise projections, so too do city officials.

Therefore, the updated shelter in place order extends out to May 3. That deadline also faces additional scrutiny down the line as officials continue to monitor the health crisis. Additionally, the revised shelter in place order adds to it new restrictions for Bay Area residents.

First, public public spaces are closing. Among them, picnic areas, playgrounds, and dog parks become inaccessible. Furthermore, the order restricts funerals to a max of 10 individuals.

Also, restaurants and other businesses considered essential must adapt to the growing threat. As such, city officials require them to establish and implement a strategy to guarantee operations include social distancing. They must do so by April 3.

Construction also comes to a halt, with the sole exception of affordable housing development.

New Shelter In Place Guidelines Still Offer Fresh Air

These new restrictions follow weeks of ill-advised public gatherings. In the wake of the initial announcement, people continued to enjoy public outdoor spaces with little regard for social distancing measures. Images of crowds prompted the more stringent version of the order.

Though, residents may still leave home for walks, in addition to essential trips. The closure of public spaces seeks to eliminate excessive contact among the public. Walks in residential neighborhoods remain a safe way to enjoy the outdoors, so long as walkers practice social distancing.

At present, San Francisco counts more than 400 cases of covid-19, and 7 deaths. The greater Bay Area accounts for 2,550 cases of the state’s total 8,769. The country’s number of diagnosed cases tops 200,000.

Health officials expect the apex to come sometime in April.

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