Shooting On the Bay Bridge Left One Person Dead and Another Wounded

San Francisco Brige Shooting Crash

San Francisco, California  –One person died and another got wounded as a result for shooting and crash on the Bay Bridge.

The police did investigations on the bridge. For that purpose, they closed all eastbound lanes on the bridge for an hour.

Some of the lanes were reopened around 6.30 a.m., and remaining lanes around 7.45. The incident caused the traffic to get backed up for miles in San Francisco.

The CHP says someone opened fire at an SUV. It was before 2.30 a.m. It caused the SUV crashed into a third vehicle.

The vehicle that opened a fire could get away.

A passenger named Raul Lopes was on the bridge when the shooting happened.  He was on his way home when he heard five shots and then saw an SUV crashing into his car. Raul got off his car to check on the people in the SUV.

He found out the driver was shot to death. Another passenger in the SUV was also shot.

The CHP is doing an investigation. They are looking for a silver or gray sedan or small SUV that links to the shooting.

Fortunately, officers have images from nearby cameras to help to put pieces together and to find out the information on the incident.


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