This is Hard to Believe! San Francisco Church Allows Homeless to Sleep in the Church

San Francisco Church

San Francisco, California – This unique church has been giving shelter for the homeless people since 2004, in the framework of Gubbio project. Shelly Roder, a community activist,  started the project together with Louis Vitale of St. Boniface, who was the father back then.

Hundreds of homeless people are looking for a place  to spend a night. The benches serve them as a bed, and the blankets are provided by the church staff.

A post on Gubbio Project’s website says everyone is welcomed, respected and treated with dignity. When people walk into the churches, there are no entry barriers.

The church is open to the churchgoers every day, however, two-thirds of it is reserved for the Gubbio Project.

The church wants to spread the message that speaks loudly about the importance of not kicking out those who are poor, dirty or those with mental issues.

The Gubbio project did something that is not very common in the United States. Over the last years, the world has not been kind to homeless people.

Some kind people they got arrested for feeding homeless people in February 2018 in Wells Park, El Cajon, California.

Mr. Lane said they are criminalizing homelessness by making laws against the homeless. This Includes prohibiting camping, sleeping in cars, or feeding them.


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