Woman Arrested for Fatally Stabbing Boyfriend


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – A woman has been taken into custody after fatally stabbing her boyfriend. According to police, the woman and her boyfriend lived together in the South San Francisco area. The incident occurred earlier in the week.

Furthermore, the woman has been identified as 30-year-old Victoria Soledad Garcia. According to authorities, police were called to the 1700 block of El Camino Real after receiving reports of a man bleeding. Once police arrived to the home at 3:22 p.m. on Monday, Victoria Soledad Garcia was arrested. The police intend to charge her with murder over this grisly crime

Stabbing Kills Boyfriend

Paramedics performed every life saving measure, however with no success, The man succumbed to his many stab wounds at the scene. While the victim’s name has not been released, according to reports he was 35 years old. That is far too young to die, especially in such a painful and gruesome manner.

Moreover, investigators concluded that Victoria Soledad Garcia was the one who stabbed her boyfriend. As a result of the stabbing, he died almost immediately. As stated by police officials, Soledad Garcia has been retained and was taken into San Mateo County Jail. The woman was apprehended on suspicion of murder, stated police. Police are still working on their investigation, of course. However, once that investigation is complete, you can expect to see headlines about Ms. Garcia going to jail. Hopefully, her sentence will keep her away from other potential victims for a long time.

In addition, authorities are encouraging anyone with pertinent information relating to the fatal stabbing to call the South San Francisco police station at (650) 877-8900. Using this tip line will help the police build their case against Ms. Garcia. However, if you would like to leave your tip anonymously, you can do so by calling (650) 952-2244 or by emailing tips@ssf.net.

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