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With over 150,000 residents, today the City of Hayward is the 6th-largest city in the Bay Area. It has become a thriving regional center of manufacturing activity, commerce, and trade. Similarly known as the “Heart of the Bay,” Hayward has capitalized on its unparalleled location to become one of the most desirable business locations for companies in advanced industries.

The city continues to develop, maintaining a balance between the needs of our diverse residents and a growing business community. Due to the preservation of open space and an aggressive economic development strategy, it balances the needs of a growing population.

A perfect day in Hayward takes you from the hills to the shoreline with innumerable delights in between:

Start your day with a ridgeline hike at sunrise with a view of the entire Bay Area. Afterward, enjoy an early dinner at one of the United States’ first brewpubs. Then, you can wend your way back through historic downtown with buildings that trace their roots back to the 1860s, then spend the twilight strolling along the pristine shoreline, surrounded by native wildlife as the sun dips below the San Francisco skyline on the horizon.

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