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Redwood is a city in Northern California right on the San Francisco Peninsula. It’s less than 30 miles away from San Francisco, and only 24 miles away from San Jose. It is the seat of San Mateo County and contains lots of different tech companies like Evernote, Wealthfront, Electronic Arts, and many others. There are a total of 76,900 residents in the city. The only deepwater port in the Bay Area is in the Port of Redwood City. Redwood Creek is the main waterway that drains the water in the city. It connects to other rivers, the largest being Westpoint Slough. There are lots of beautiful parks and gardens here. Some of the City’s favorites are Edgewood County Park and Filoli. Explore all things that nature has to offer here at the beaches, forests, and parks!

Redwood Auto Shipping

Whether you are planning to move to Redwood, CA or take a trip, San Francisco Car Transport can help you! We can transport any of your vehicles to or from Redwood, CA. We ship nationwide, so we can ship anywhere else in the U.S. Our company has the best auto shipping team. Everyone’s goal here is to help you relocate your vehicle with no stress.

We offer different types of auto shipping services. You can choose our Open Car Transport to get your car delivered in an open trailer. Or you can also choose our Enclosed Auto Transportation to get your car delivered in a closed trailer. The open trailer is cheaper, but it is safe and efficient. The closed trailer is pricier, however, it covers your car completely, protecting it from all kinds of weather conditions.

With us, you will also get full insurance coverage when your car is being transported. We want to make sure we provide the maximum amount of safety for your vehicle. Our drivers are very skilled and have been in the truck driving industry for years. They are extremely cautious when loading and unloading vehicles from the trailer.

We will guide you through the whole process, all you need to do is give us a call at (628) 246-1557 and the rest is on us!

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